Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Making it Big with the Big 3 (Surviving as an Advertiser in Adwords, Overture and Adcenter)

In the past years, major advertising systems (Google’s Adwords, Microsoft AdCenter and Yahoo’s Overture) have become more competitive. While they remain proverbial goldmines for many advertisers, more and more marketers were caught on; it has become increasingly difficult to turn profits using these systems. The average cost per click rose from 30 cents in 2002, 45 cents in 2004, 75 cents 2007, and 99 cents this year.

Today, there are at least 450, 000 online marketers utilizing the Big 3 advertising systems, you will be left behind unless you have the best tool that come across to define the appropriate keywords for your ad campaigns and let’s you optimize your sites on a higher capacity.

Perhaps optimization isn’t even your main goal…it’s survival. You may have experienced a drag down in your PPC traffic and wondered what’s the reason behind it, after all your budget and keyword bids seem right. You tend to lose hope and feel like online advertising is not for you… that’s where the KeywordSpy technique kicks in.

You will be stunned at the speed at which it performed the keyword research task that would normally take hours using a keyword software. By just entering a keyword or domain in its search bar, its vast database returns a list of your competitors and the phrases and terms they are using.

Whatever business category you are in, you will surely face high-caliber top competitors. But there’s no reason you can’t be like them. KeywordSpy strategy will let you compete even in the most cutthroat business categories around. With the PPC Market Summary in KeywordSpy, you can plot out your competition by discerning which top competitors you should be worrying about and which ones to ignore. Your top competitors’ keywords are all accessible and can be downloaded to either Excel or Word file format. And before long, you’ll develop a good feel for your competitors’ keyword strategies and you’ll begin to understand how their campaigns are taking traffic away from your site. It’s time then to attack them head on by bumping your keyword bids in Overture, Adcenter and Adwords.

By bidding on the right keywords, you’ll end up getting the vast majority of your ads on the much coveted first page of search engines. And when I say right keywords, it means gauging their profitability by competitor count, pay per click cost and ad rank which KeywordSpy powerfully does.

For you to continually monitor your competition’s ads for changes and modify your ads accordingly, KeywordSpy also provides the Ad Variations feature. Although you can’t tell for sure how well your competitors’ ads are doing, you can make an educational guess that if your competitor introduces a new ad in one keyword and later introduce it to another keywords, it’s likely that he had some success with it and you may likely want to do the same. This is how smart advertisers prey on their competitors. See this opportunity everyday by subscribing to KeywordSpy, and successfully dislodge larger competitors in their leadership position in your market.

The Big 3 advertising systems are reaching new levels of sophistication and yesterday’s winning strategies are quickly becoming old news. Incorporating KeywordSpy in your day to day keyword research guarantees that you’ll be the top competitor in your field.

I know you’ll get a great deal that you can start using it immediately for your own business in order for you to make it big with the Big 3 advertising systems.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Falling for the Affiliate Program that is Best for You

When your blog or site is on the “right age” by having some decent traffic from your marketing investment, then it’s time for you to be acquainted with affiliate programs which will help you add more bucks to your account and support your growing old needs.

Choosing an Affiliate Program has never been an easy task for many people, especially to those new in the e-commerce. The Internet is full of scoundrels and scams, and the hype is so tempting that the gullible affiliates become their prey. Be an Affiliate Program “scam filter”. Here are some points you may want to consider before finally saying “I do” to an affiliate program which may already look very appealing to you:

Affiliate Program Love at First Sight is Not Always True

When it comes to online marketing, you need to remember that the first affiliate program you come across is actually not the best. This can be a costly mistake that you can commit in the end. Before deciding to “tie the knot”, the first thing that you need to do in order to determine the legitimacy of the affiliate program is to try out and “date” their product or services. This could mean extra work for you but it sure is the right thing to do. There are still other ways by which you can conduct a research or investigation on the program. Likewise, you need to be wary of scam sites as well.

Find Your Site’s True Match

The product or service should be relevant to your website. It will be impractical to promote a product or service that has no relation to your site at all, since your visitors will just click away the moment they enter your site. If your business is focused on search engine optimization, then do not choose products that focus on pet products and wedding items.

Generally, affiliate programs seem to work better when links to the merchant site are woven into the content and character of your site. Successful affiliate-marketers do that and usually write product reviews and put their affiliate links within the articles or content of their website.

Go for the Rich and Generous

All things being equal, you ought to look for affiliates who offer rich and generous commission. Most Affiliate Programs provide a commission of 5% to 50%.

The commission you earn for the sale of a product is your income. So while choosing an affiliate program, you should study the commission paid out and decide o¬n a program that decently pay its partner-marketers. Some of these are (5% and 15%), (15%) and the whopping 58% commission from

Check Payment Frequency

How often will you receive your commission payout? This is another important question that should be considered. You should avoid any program that requires too many sales to reach the minimum amount. Most reputable online institutions pay their affiliates monthly, or when they accumulate a minimum commission of $50 or $ 100 and send them via PayPal, check and wired bank transfer.

Affiliate Reports

The Affiliate Program you should be joining should have a web-interface where you can log-in, for you to view the real-time statistics on your affiliate account. This will let you know if you are generating clicks and sales and if you are reaping the fruits of your marketing efforts.

Affiliate Resources

Aside from Affiliate Reports, a good affiliate program assist its affiliates by providing a whole range of tools and resources such as banners, text links, sample articles and other training materials for their affiliates. They don’t just leave their affiliates hanging and do their own stuff, but instead they make affiliate life much easier by providing the necessary promotional tools.

Safe and Secured Programs

It is always logical to join affiliate programs that are secure, safe and have positive reputation in the World Wide Web. This can be easily verified from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or other similar institutions. It is also advisable to visit forums and do some testimonial research on the quality of affiliate programs you are eyeing.

Tracking System

The Affiliate Program should have advanced tracking system to record all the sales and clicks made through your affiliate links and banners. If possible, a lifetime tracking cookie should be available to trace your affiliate progress on your website, e-mails and other advertisement forms.

Understand their Terms and Agreement

Finally, you must read and understand the Terms and Agreement before you join as an affiliate even if it happens to be the best website in the world. You should be careful of company program loopholes which can be hiding in their contract with you because you are the one to regret if it’s only them can benefit from your hard work.

Choosing an Affiliate Program that is right for you might be a little time consuming but a worthwhile process. Going through the above considerations and tips will also be a learning curve for savvy online marketers who are serious about starting a successful affiliate relationship with “worth it” affiliate programs.

In the end, it all boils down to your decision. Really, you own the online court, and what you need to know is how to give a good shot and let the sweet point fall for the affiliate program that is best for you.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Studying Historical PPC Ad Trends to Optimize Your Seasonal Ad Campaigns

Nowadays, a lot of online businesses rely heavily on certain seasons for increased sales volume. As of this writing, the month of September for most industries indicate a significant time for sales --- it’s back-to-school in the US; it’s the early start of Halloween and Christmas preparation for Christian nations; it’s the beginning of vacation booking for some travel enthusiasts. If you are an online marketer that could benefit from such events, then you might just want to invest on the trend when the demand is in full bloom, because if you’re not prepared as a seasonal marketer, you will not reap the fruits of a demanding market during this buying season.

Research and well-tested ad campaign techniques are keys to handling seasonal activities in the online market. So when seasonal advertising time is approaching, you should be equipped with the knowledge of knowing the profitable keywords from related websites around a month before the season.

For example, you are planning to sell gift items this coming Christmas such as jewelry, clothes, perfume and toys. You should do a research of shopping sites, such as, Amazon and, and determine their high-paying keywords. Competitive intelligence tools such as can be a big help in this marketing pursuit. It can gather keywords of marketers in all types of industries and allow you to get good ideas on keyword advertising. You can also check its Time Machine feature, this KeywordSpy thing lets you look at keywords other advertisers have used in the past.

So based on our first example, you may look for Christmas-oriented sites in KeywordSpy Time Machine and check their November and December 2007 keywords and ad copies, then see for yourself the keyword advertising strategies which will be helpful in your own site campaign on December 2008.

In short, if your business has various high points throughout the year, try to review the past promotional and marketing campaigns of your industry so you can improve your next target season. I really suggest that you give the Time Machine a shot. This is the only keyword tool feature that I have seen giving months’ worth of advertising information. Would you believe, I found out through KeywordSpy Time Machine that divorce sites such as boost their advertising during months of February and March? Perhaps this can be credited to the fact that the Valentines madness is in the air during these months, and divorce sites are targeting the emotional spots of “attached people”, by subtly suggesting that they should prioritize their need for divorce to be with their “true love.” So, how is that for an advertising gold mine if you are in the “divorce industry”? You can simply copy the keywords and improve the ad copies of well-performing divorce sites in certain periods and months.

Whoever said that “moving forward” is the best thing to do in this world” is simply not always right especially in this case. Cause in the world of seasonal advertising, it is good to “look backwards” and review the good and bad in the past season, for you to cherry-pick and carry the good ones in the next.

The theory is the same when choosing your keyword and ad copies for your targeted seasons, learn from the sites that did well in the past and enhance what they’ve got. With this, we might just believe in the saying: “It’s always good to learn from the experts.”

Happy selling and have a fruitful season!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Web-based Keyword Tool, Better than Installed Keyword Software

Just as there are “tails and heads” in coins; we have two major kinds of software for the keyword tools we are using in SEO: the web-based and the installed software.

The web-based (also known as the “hosted” server) usually resides externally on ASP networks (Application Service Provider), while installed software (a.k.a. “in-house”) is being downloaded on one’s computer network.

It is obvious in my title up there that I prefer to use web-based keyword tool, and let me clarify that I am writing in SEO perspective and not in a general IT concept.

Allow me to justify my point by enumerating some advantages that I’ve found in using web-based keyword tools such as Here are important factors I have considered:

No Additional Expenses

When you purchase a traditional keyword software, you then need to host and install the software on a server. The set-up may have certain system requirements to integrate with your application, and most of the time, these involve the latest system updates, causing you or your company to shell out more money.

Keyword Research Anytime, Anywhere

Web-based system can be accessed anytime, anywhere, with any browser as long as you have the Internet connection, your username and your password.

On the other hand, installed keyword software usually requires a local office network for you to access their data, and it’s very limited to a few computers. Unless you or your company invested in remote access application, which usually costs more, you cannot do your research to beat the deadly deadline set by your boss.

Data Back-up

Data loss is bad for any business. With installed keyword software in your PC, you have to think about backing up data because if some man-made or natural calamity ruins your office, where your computer is pretty sitting, there is no way for you to retrieve the advertising research you have previously done.

A web-based keyword research tool takes that burden off your back. Data is properly backed-up and they are very accessible. If you are an SEO and you have a client-presentation in a few minutes, all you’ll need is a computer to proceed with your keyword research and advertising solution presentation without the frustrating information-loss hassle.

Keeps a Productive Workforce

A completely web-based program offers a solution that is not available on installed software. Your staff, remote employees, and overseas business partners have access to your competition’s ad campaign information account 24/7.

Since there is nothing to install on your laptop or workstation, this means that authorized users can access the keyword tool system even when they are away from their working desks.
SEO staff and ad campaign managers can log-on to their keyword research accounts while sipping hot coffee in Starbucks, while chatting with clients in a hotel computer, or while pressing the keys of their internet-enabled mobile phones to view the latest progress in online advertising, check on next steps and discover your competitors’ marketing strategies.

When companies unveil a new advertising niche in another time zone or country, information is updated and reported while you sleep. When you are ready for work, information you need to know is waiting for you in the web-based keyword tool system.

To wrap it up, web-based keyword tools offer many advantages to companies and individuals in terms of increased productivity, round-the-clock access, and reduced installation and maintenance cost, as compared to installed keyword software.

While other factors will also come into play, I hope that the aforementioned advantages, through an SEO perspective, have increased your awareness in choosing the right keyword tool. It’s always an educated decision to go web-based.

Monday, July 28, 2008

New KeywordSpy Packages Officially Live!

As of July 21, 2008, the four new packages of KeywordSpy were formally launched to the World Wide Web to cater various SEO and advertiser needs.

So sure that the past days have been nothing but hectic for the KeywordSpy Team especially right now where floods of e-mails are surely coming in their support from inquirers who are interested in their products.

You know how it is for my favorite keyword tool, the KeywordSpy Team is always into integration of more groundbreaking features every now and then, but my exhaustion for waiting lessens whenever I’m satisfied to see the results they are showing me.

KeywordSpy doesn’t need any fanfare. Its features speak for itself. As the well-known French chef named Jean Brillant-Savarin said, “Let me taste the dish, and you can spare yourself the rhetoric on how well you cook.”

So, enough of the sales pitch! Allow the features to speak for themselves and let you “taste the dish” by knowing the latest in KeywordSpy:

  • KeywordSpy Gold is now KeywordSpy Research! The interface and information in there is simply bigger and better at the same subscription price.

  • There is now a package called KeywordSpy Tracking which will surely put you ahead of the competition through deeper monitoring of your competitors’ campaigns in Google, Yahoo, MSN and specific countries of your choice! The system for KeywordSpy tracking is said to be updated daily for more accurate results.
  • If you’re not contented with either Research or Tracking alone, you may get them in a combo through the KeywordSpy Professional package!
  • If you want a flexible and customizable package dedicated to multi-national brand companies and SEO corporate agencies, KeywordSpy Enterprise is simply right for you.

  • KeywordSpy is simply a system brimming with features ranging from PPC keywords down to its organic and affiliate results, plus local domains for several regions.
  • It is the only keyword tool that shows market summary and gauge keyword effectiveness by Clicks per Day, Price per Click, ROI, Position and many other analytics which will help you decide on which keywords are undeniable profitable to use.
  • KeywordSpy caters not just SEO and advertisers’ needs, but also affiliates’ demands with its Affiliate Keyword feature.

  • KeywordSpy is the uncontested leader in competitive intelligence.

If you haven’t subscribed yet to KeywordSpy, I encourage you to do so!

And if you haven’t already gone to view their system, please go ahead and spend some minutes!

It will certainly help you in your decision making process.

To your success!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Finding Top Products and Super Affiliates

Each one of us at some point in our lives thinks of ways to have sidelines for extra money. Even if we are surviving with our main job salary, we still crave for opportunities which will give us some extra bucks. Online users have these opportunities through Affiliate Marketing, a two-letter word with a simple definition --- making money by promoting other people’s services, products or information.

There are lots of affiliate networks catering the universe of affiliate marketing. Say for example, the well-known ClickBank, which is a platform that lists all the digital products, e-books and online services of different merchant sites. With a free sign-up, you can immediately start promoting the products of your choice and expect commissions to flow in your account if you are good enough in generating sales and orders.

But making money via affiliate marketing could not be easier and safer without knowing the right products to sell and the super affiliates to follow with. There is no harm in replicating the success that super affiliates enjoy and learning the hot products in a certain industry.

If you sell products in your site or marketplace, you need to dig on the marketing style of super affiliates who know how to successfully get the job done and learn their keyword strategies in advertising products.

You will learn all these, simply by accessing the KeywordSpy Affiliate Module. This powerful feature of KeywordSpy lets you see the actual landscape in the major affiliate networks in the World Wide Web:

Aside from seeing the Top Products and Super Affiliates in the aforementioned networks, you will also get the entire list of keywords that an affiliate is using simply by entering a Product ID or Affiliate ID. And the tracking does not end in that one, because apart from the promotional affiliate terms and phrases, you can also get a clear view of the corresponding URLs and advertisement copies underlying affiliate keywords.

Since the advent of internet marketing, different persons in the four corners of the globe have ventured online to find their “share of gold.” While some indulge themselves creating their personal sanctuary in community networks such as Friendster, Facebook and Myspace. Majority of practical individuals are simply looking to earn some extra income in this field called affiliate marketing arena. With the help of KeywordSpy Affiliate Module combined with proper affiliate research and active promotion, you can say to yourself that finding a pot of gold is not just a fairytale at the end of a rainbow, but a continuous learning process of improving the acts of top merchants in a place called cyberspace.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

KeywordSpy Goes International

Providing country-specific keyword results is extremely useful when it comes to promoting sites which are aimed at web users in a specific country. For instance, garbage in Canada is trash in the USA, while rubbish in the UK. Hence, even though a country is English speaking, still, there are different keyword terms advertisers should research.

While US advertisers have the choice among numerous commercial SEO tools, their European or even Asian counterparts have little or no choice at all. The necessity for a keyword research tool that provides accurate keyword data for specific regions is very high and still assiduous.

If you are looking for what people are searching for in specific countries, KeywordSpy can be of assistance. Its country versions let you choose exclusive keywords for certain sites in specific regions, thus, catering local marketers and advertisers optimizing for both local and international visitors.

As of this writing, KeywordSpy offers the PPC advertising of several country databases that are targeted for specific niches and they are as follows:

United States/Global
United Kingdom
South Africa

These country indices were long overdue to meet the burgeoning keyword search market globally. I’m sure KeywordSpy is working on introducing additional country specific-databases overtime (aside from the 17 countries above) so marketers should watch out for them. It covers a wider demographic area than any other paid tools available making it a better choice for those in the European market and other continents.

What are the odds? Maybe tomorrow when you wake up, there is already a KeywordSpy Timbuktu domain.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mr. SEO and Mr. KeywordSpy; Knocking on Your Site’s Door

Lots of marketers and ad agencies offer keyword research services. Keyword research and analysis are not as simple as using the free tools at Adwords and Overture. Advertisers must see beyond these tools and grasp the real time competition they are in.

Of course, design and interface are important, customer support and relations are equally important, but they’re all focused on what happens once a potential client gets to your site. And there enters the need for SEO.

And when you seek SEO to knock on your site, there comes with it, the inseparable “keyword research.”

Keep in mind that keyword marketing research would determine the success or failure of a site, no matter how user-friendly or well-designed the pages in it. While doing optimization, it is always recommended to do a competitive analysis to discover the top keywords used by online searchers to find services and products and what search terms are utilized by your competitors who are doing pretty well in marketing themselves.

To get straight to the point, keyword research is the giant step for any search engine “findability” effort whether it is off page or on page optimization. A well-optimized domain relies on good organic keyword density and using the right keyword tool for its PPC bidding strategy.

But the real fun begins in the use of KeywordSpy. I discovered this web-based tool a month ago, and it researches on competition as probably I’d never expect from any keyword software. When it comes to SEO, the keyword competition becomes a complex measure of your competitors’ strength that consists of their paid keywords, organic keywords an ad copy plus the corresponding analytics to measure keyword profitability. KeywordSpy quickly returns all this data in a well-designed interface, allowing you to even download the keywords and statistics to an excel or text file and sort those golden “money terms.”

Not only this tool provide data on keyword search volume and price, unlike other tools, the level of accuracy of KeywordSpy in data presentation is way high.

So next time you allow SEO specialists to enter on your site’s door, be sure that they tagged along the greatest competitor spy in town – KeywordSpy.

But then, I understand that KeywordSpy is still stranger to you at this point in time. Rest assured that I’ll expand on this tool on my proceeding posts. I’m still in the process of learning and playing with its features and since I found it very impressive, I won’t miss sharing this to you.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Iron Page in SEO and SEM

I have read an online news article on how the Internet will be “crowded” and “FULL” by 2010. Apparently, people are placing and uploading lots of stuff on the net (including yours truly) and that there will be “no more space left" in as early as two years from now, unless online biggies will invest billion of dollars to this gigantic demand.

Of course, no way for me NOT to join the “blogwagon” despite this alarming news, because online writing flows into my veins, and as usual, going against the odds is another aspect of my lovely life. Who would have thought that the used to be toothpick-sized-girl who jumped and glides in the provincial farm would end up in a geeky-tolerant online industry? I used to imagine web expert people being techie nerds with thick eye glasses, complemented with an extra serving of Tony Stark’s Iron Man ego. When I landed in the copywriting job, I tried to familiarize myself with the information technology basics, and I often ended up being an Internet101 course taker. But, against many odds, I happily ended up keeping my job.

It feels good to be taken on different side of life, imagine being confined from literary and journalistic research to the topics of Adsense, Adwords and keyword research; from dreaming the Pulitzer prize to discovering the tricks on how Google employees learn the prize of working in the most rewarding company in US; from being a John Irving fan to a Larry Page admirer.

This is not to sound materialistic in what the World Wide Web offers but I wanna call it being “technologically inspired.” Of course, once in a while, it’s still good to turn the page and sniff the woody smell of the bestselling books of the world, but I am glad to have this wi-fi computer friend of mine where I can reach the world in my fingertips and extend them to those who are tracking for a higher level advertising needs.

So who knows what I’ll say on this blog? Maybe more of what I have learned and will learn in this SEO life of mine. I suppose I’ll just wing it as I go along. I hope you will find my future writings somewhat helpful in optimizing your own sites. I may not be as brilliant as techie hero Iron Man or Google billionaire Larry Page, but believe me I’ll exert greater effort to make this blog your “Iron Page” of SEO and Online Marketing.

Beat that, Mr. Iron Man and Mr. Page! :-))