Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Iron Page in SEO and SEM

I have read an online news article on how the Internet will be “crowded” and “FULL” by 2010. Apparently, people are placing and uploading lots of stuff on the net (including yours truly) and that there will be “no more space left" in as early as two years from now, unless online biggies will invest billion of dollars to this gigantic demand.

Of course, no way for me NOT to join the “blogwagon” despite this alarming news, because online writing flows into my veins, and as usual, going against the odds is another aspect of my lovely life. Who would have thought that the used to be toothpick-sized-girl who jumped and glides in the provincial farm would end up in a geeky-tolerant online industry? I used to imagine web expert people being techie nerds with thick eye glasses, complemented with an extra serving of Tony Stark’s Iron Man ego. When I landed in the copywriting job, I tried to familiarize myself with the information technology basics, and I often ended up being an Internet101 course taker. But, against many odds, I happily ended up keeping my job.

It feels good to be taken on different side of life, imagine being confined from literary and journalistic research to the topics of Adsense, Adwords and keyword research; from dreaming the Pulitzer prize to discovering the tricks on how Google employees learn the prize of working in the most rewarding company in US; from being a John Irving fan to a Larry Page admirer.

This is not to sound materialistic in what the World Wide Web offers but I wanna call it being “technologically inspired.” Of course, once in a while, it’s still good to turn the page and sniff the woody smell of the bestselling books of the world, but I am glad to have this wi-fi computer friend of mine where I can reach the world in my fingertips and extend them to those who are tracking for a higher level advertising needs.

So who knows what I’ll say on this blog? Maybe more of what I have learned and will learn in this SEO life of mine. I suppose I’ll just wing it as I go along. I hope you will find my future writings somewhat helpful in optimizing your own sites. I may not be as brilliant as techie hero Iron Man or Google billionaire Larry Page, but believe me I’ll exert greater effort to make this blog your “Iron Page” of SEO and Online Marketing.

Beat that, Mr. Iron Man and Mr. Page! :-))

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