Monday, July 28, 2008

New KeywordSpy Packages Officially Live!

As of July 21, 2008, the four new packages of KeywordSpy were formally launched to the World Wide Web to cater various SEO and advertiser needs.

So sure that the past days have been nothing but hectic for the KeywordSpy Team especially right now where floods of e-mails are surely coming in their support from inquirers who are interested in their products.

You know how it is for my favorite keyword tool, the KeywordSpy Team is always into integration of more groundbreaking features every now and then, but my exhaustion for waiting lessens whenever I’m satisfied to see the results they are showing me.

KeywordSpy doesn’t need any fanfare. Its features speak for itself. As the well-known French chef named Jean Brillant-Savarin said, “Let me taste the dish, and you can spare yourself the rhetoric on how well you cook.”

So, enough of the sales pitch! Allow the features to speak for themselves and let you “taste the dish” by knowing the latest in KeywordSpy:

  • KeywordSpy Gold is now KeywordSpy Research! The interface and information in there is simply bigger and better at the same subscription price.

  • There is now a package called KeywordSpy Tracking which will surely put you ahead of the competition through deeper monitoring of your competitors’ campaigns in Google, Yahoo, MSN and specific countries of your choice! The system for KeywordSpy tracking is said to be updated daily for more accurate results.
  • If you’re not contented with either Research or Tracking alone, you may get them in a combo through the KeywordSpy Professional package!
  • If you want a flexible and customizable package dedicated to multi-national brand companies and SEO corporate agencies, KeywordSpy Enterprise is simply right for you.

  • KeywordSpy is simply a system brimming with features ranging from PPC keywords down to its organic and affiliate results, plus local domains for several regions.
  • It is the only keyword tool that shows market summary and gauge keyword effectiveness by Clicks per Day, Price per Click, ROI, Position and many other analytics which will help you decide on which keywords are undeniable profitable to use.
  • KeywordSpy caters not just SEO and advertisers’ needs, but also affiliates’ demands with its Affiliate Keyword feature.

  • KeywordSpy is the uncontested leader in competitive intelligence.

If you haven’t subscribed yet to KeywordSpy, I encourage you to do so!

And if you haven’t already gone to view their system, please go ahead and spend some minutes!

It will certainly help you in your decision making process.

To your success!


John said...

Nice review of KeyWordSpy. Definitely a product worth looking at for all affiliate marketers.

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