Monday, September 29, 2008

Web-based Keyword Tool, Better than Installed Keyword Software

Just as there are “tails and heads” in coins; we have two major kinds of software for the keyword tools we are using in SEO: the web-based and the installed software.

The web-based (also known as the “hosted” server) usually resides externally on ASP networks (Application Service Provider), while installed software (a.k.a. “in-house”) is being downloaded on one’s computer network.

It is obvious in my title up there that I prefer to use web-based keyword tool, and let me clarify that I am writing in SEO perspective and not in a general IT concept.

Allow me to justify my point by enumerating some advantages that I’ve found in using web-based keyword tools such as Here are important factors I have considered:

No Additional Expenses

When you purchase a traditional keyword software, you then need to host and install the software on a server. The set-up may have certain system requirements to integrate with your application, and most of the time, these involve the latest system updates, causing you or your company to shell out more money.

Keyword Research Anytime, Anywhere

Web-based system can be accessed anytime, anywhere, with any browser as long as you have the Internet connection, your username and your password.

On the other hand, installed keyword software usually requires a local office network for you to access their data, and it’s very limited to a few computers. Unless you or your company invested in remote access application, which usually costs more, you cannot do your research to beat the deadly deadline set by your boss.

Data Back-up

Data loss is bad for any business. With installed keyword software in your PC, you have to think about backing up data because if some man-made or natural calamity ruins your office, where your computer is pretty sitting, there is no way for you to retrieve the advertising research you have previously done.

A web-based keyword research tool takes that burden off your back. Data is properly backed-up and they are very accessible. If you are an SEO and you have a client-presentation in a few minutes, all you’ll need is a computer to proceed with your keyword research and advertising solution presentation without the frustrating information-loss hassle.

Keeps a Productive Workforce

A completely web-based program offers a solution that is not available on installed software. Your staff, remote employees, and overseas business partners have access to your competition’s ad campaign information account 24/7.

Since there is nothing to install on your laptop or workstation, this means that authorized users can access the keyword tool system even when they are away from their working desks.
SEO staff and ad campaign managers can log-on to their keyword research accounts while sipping hot coffee in Starbucks, while chatting with clients in a hotel computer, or while pressing the keys of their internet-enabled mobile phones to view the latest progress in online advertising, check on next steps and discover your competitors’ marketing strategies.

When companies unveil a new advertising niche in another time zone or country, information is updated and reported while you sleep. When you are ready for work, information you need to know is waiting for you in the web-based keyword tool system.

To wrap it up, web-based keyword tools offer many advantages to companies and individuals in terms of increased productivity, round-the-clock access, and reduced installation and maintenance cost, as compared to installed keyword software.

While other factors will also come into play, I hope that the aforementioned advantages, through an SEO perspective, have increased your awareness in choosing the right keyword tool. It’s always an educated decision to go web-based.

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