Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Making it Big with the Big 3 (Surviving as an Advertiser in Adwords, Overture and Adcenter)

In the past years, major advertising systems (Google’s Adwords, Microsoft AdCenter and Yahoo’s Overture) have become more competitive. While they remain proverbial goldmines for many advertisers, more and more marketers were caught on; it has become increasingly difficult to turn profits using these systems. The average cost per click rose from 30 cents in 2002, 45 cents in 2004, 75 cents 2007, and 99 cents this year.

Today, there are at least 450, 000 online marketers utilizing the Big 3 advertising systems, you will be left behind unless you have the best tool that come across to define the appropriate keywords for your ad campaigns and let’s you optimize your sites on a higher capacity.

Perhaps optimization isn’t even your main goal…it’s survival. You may have experienced a drag down in your PPC traffic and wondered what’s the reason behind it, after all your budget and keyword bids seem right. You tend to lose hope and feel like online advertising is not for you… that’s where the KeywordSpy technique kicks in.

You will be stunned at the speed at which it performed the keyword research task that would normally take hours using a keyword software. By just entering a keyword or domain in its search bar, its vast database returns a list of your competitors and the phrases and terms they are using.

Whatever business category you are in, you will surely face high-caliber top competitors. But there’s no reason you can’t be like them. KeywordSpy strategy will let you compete even in the most cutthroat business categories around. With the PPC Market Summary in KeywordSpy, you can plot out your competition by discerning which top competitors you should be worrying about and which ones to ignore. Your top competitors’ keywords are all accessible and can be downloaded to either Excel or Word file format. And before long, you’ll develop a good feel for your competitors’ keyword strategies and you’ll begin to understand how their campaigns are taking traffic away from your site. It’s time then to attack them head on by bumping your keyword bids in Overture, Adcenter and Adwords.

By bidding on the right keywords, you’ll end up getting the vast majority of your ads on the much coveted first page of search engines. And when I say right keywords, it means gauging their profitability by competitor count, pay per click cost and ad rank which KeywordSpy powerfully does.

For you to continually monitor your competition’s ads for changes and modify your ads accordingly, KeywordSpy also provides the Ad Variations feature. Although you can’t tell for sure how well your competitors’ ads are doing, you can make an educational guess that if your competitor introduces a new ad in one keyword and later introduce it to another keywords, it’s likely that he had some success with it and you may likely want to do the same. This is how smart advertisers prey on their competitors. See this opportunity everyday by subscribing to KeywordSpy, and successfully dislodge larger competitors in their leadership position in your market.

The Big 3 advertising systems are reaching new levels of sophistication and yesterday’s winning strategies are quickly becoming old news. Incorporating KeywordSpy in your day to day keyword research guarantees that you’ll be the top competitor in your field.

I know you’ll get a great deal that you can start using it immediately for your own business in order for you to make it big with the Big 3 advertising systems.