Friday, October 16, 2009

Saving and Exporting Results in KeywordSpy

KeywordSpy makes it incredibly easy to save and download the results you are getting for your searches.

We currently implement the “what you filter is what you export” rule in downloading data. This allows for efficient exporting of keywords by allowing you to first filter the results that you want to export, and download them in Excel or CSV format.

Competition Research with KeywordSpy

Your KeywordSpy membership comes with a sophisticated set of tools to allow you to do complex competition research.

Most probably, in your initial market research, you already have a list of strong competitors that you know you will be up against in your business. By doing the domain search, KeywordSpy will let you discover both the strengths and weaknesses of the competition so you can find advanced strategies to approach the market.

Among the data of the competitors that you can uncover includes their:

*Daily Ad Budget

*Keyword and Ad Copy Combinations

*Sub-domains; and

*Organic keywords to analyze their organic efforts

In this video, you’ll also learn how to filter the different metrics in the KeywordSpy result pages as well as easily interpret the data you are seeing. This way, you can accomplish your most needed competitive intelligence so you can take your business a level ahead of the competition.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Market Research with KeywordSpy Research 3.0

Learn how KeywordSpy users do comprehensive keyword research, market research and affiliate research in KeywordSpy, using a case study. This will help you take the direction you should go to with your own product and see the directions in which affiliates go to in promoting different products.

There are so many features inside KeywordSpy, and sure enough, you will going to find your own method that works well – a method that will help you to effectively improve your business, lower your cost, and break sales barriers you never thought would be possible.

Using the Keyword and Domain Categories in KeywordSpy 3.0

KeywordSpy generously provides business categories in which keywords or competitors belong to. You can drilldown to different categories and see the results that KeywordSpy indexed for a certain domain or keyword.

The KeywordSpy Categories section is a great place to start your market research and reports. It will show you possible competitors, sister sites and related keywords to the site you want to analyze. It is going to help you get a better idea if you want to approach a better strategy in offsetting your competitors so that you can improve your online business.

Doing the Advanced Affiliate Research in KeywordSpy Research 3.0

One of the great things that you can use your KeywordSpy account for is to do an advanced affiliate research. You can do this by entering the following in the Destination URL search option:

*Search by product ID (e.g. records2)

*Search by affiliate ID (e.g. opus3)

*Search by affiliate network string (e.g. ClickBank)

*Search by affiliate URL (e.g.

*Search by combination of a product ID, affiliate ID and affiliate network

You can even do the keyword search and filter ad results by affiliate networks.

By doing any of the affiliate searching option, you can easily reverse engineer successful affiliates’ strategy by finding their landing pages, ad copies and product offers.

Searching for Ad Copies in KeywordSpy 3.0

The KeywordSpy Ad Copy search is a flexible searching option which allows you to find any PPC ads which contain your specified keywords, domain, or a combination of both.

This is a helpful searching feature if you want to brainstorm in writing ads for your PPC campaigns by seeing other advertisers’ ads. The ad copies are also being gauged with different metrics such as ROI, Position and Search Volume, for you to easily identify, which among the ad copies are the effective ones and which are not.

Understanding the Destination URL Search in KeywordSpy 3.0

KeywordSpy comes with a new and powerful feature called the “Destination URL Search”. Whether you’re searching on your competitors, trying to reverse engineer a landing page strategy, or even looking for specific affiliates, you can use the Destination URL search to accomplish your most needed research tasks.

It is the favourite KeywordSpy feature of affiliates, as it allows them to search by affiliate network, product IDs, affiliate keywords, or even combination of all these. It covers data from over 80 affiliate networks, making sure that you get your affiliate research complete.

Using the Keyword Search Option in KeywordSpy 3.0

Whether you need to find good keywords for your latest SEO campaign, or you’re trying to find the most profitable keywords for your PPC campaign, the KeywordSpy “keyword search” option is the perfect tool.

The keyword search feature will let you unveil misspelled keywords, related keywords, ad copies, and both PPC and Organic competitors for a keyword. It’s an extremely powerful feature that will allow you determine exactly which keywords are going to help your business and which you can expect to get the greatest return on investment, before you invest your time and money in search advertising.

Searching for a Site or Domain using KeywordSpy 3.0

Inside KeywordSpy Research 3.0 is the Domain searching option which is great in getting information about your domain or even your competitors’ websites.

By doing the Domain Search, you can unveil site statistics such as Daily Ad Budget, Clicks per Day and Ad Position of a domain. You can even see all the keywords, ad copies, sub-domains and competitors in both PPC and Organic landscape that comprise a site’s search advertising activities.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The KeywordSpy 3.0 Video Tutorial

An Overview of KeywordSpy Research

Know the features that make KeywordSpy Research an incredible search advertising intelligence tool.

Get a peek on what kind of data you will get when you do the Domain, Keyword, Destination URL, Ad Copy and Affiliate Research. Also, check where the Top Lists reports are located, for you to know the best sites and keywords, based on different search advertising categories, such as Top Paid Ad Spenders, Keywords with Highest Clicks per Day, and Sites with the Largest Change in Number of Keywords.

KeywordSpy Successfully Launches Its Version 3.0

The new version is calibrated with advanced searching features and offers the most up to date keyword research results achieved through the daily system updates.

Palo Alto, California – KeywordSpy (www.KeywordSpy), the leader in keyword research technology and search advertising intelligence launched today its most powerful version, KeywordSpy Version 3.0.

The new platform enables its users to enjoy the daily system updates of 127 million keywords in the KeywordSpy Research database, and uncover sub-domains and misspelled keywords.

KeywordSpy 3.0 also comes with new and powerful features called the “Destination URL Search” and “Ad Copy Search”. So whether users are searching on competitors, trying to reverse engineer a landing page strategy, or even looking for specific affiliates, they can use the new KeywordSpy searching options to accomplish their most needed research tasks.

Based on user feedback, the Destination URL search is the favourite KeywordSpy feature of affiliates, as it allows them to search by affiliate network, product IDs, affiliate keywords, or even combination of all these. It covers data from over 80 affiliate networks, making sure that affiliates get their research complete.

Another useful feature is the ROI indicator which pinpoints profitable keyword and ad copy combinations.

The new features will be available to current subscribers at no additional charge.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Keywordspy Helps With Expanded Broad Match Keywords

by Kara O.

On an average day, performing a search on a keyword research tool like KeywordSpy for a PPC competitor can sometimes yield surprising results.

Imagine searching for an advertiser that mainly sells wedding rings and bands and finding a keyword "wedding musician" on the list. Though it may look odd, appearance of the advertiser’s ad under such a keyword is a common phenomenon in the world of PPC.

This type of keyword, of course, is known as a broad match keyword. Broad match keywords are related terms and phrases to keywords triggering an ad campaign or group. If the keywords for your ads are, for example, “rental cars in New York”, your ads may also appear for search results for "New York auto rentals".

The advantage of broad match keywords are basically being able to reach more markets through related keywords for a given ad campaign. Since there could be related keywords that were not initially included in your ad group, this saves the advertiser the time of finding related keywords for his website.

The disadvantage of broad match keywords is also quite obvious, with advertisements showing for broad match keywords on search engine results, there is also the possibility that those keywords are significantly unrelated to the actual ad. Google Adwords, as an example, implement an Expanded Broad Match system that relates a keyword with other keywords that looks even remotely similar (flower deliver express = chinese takeout express).

As a result, advertisers may be paying for clicks with minimal conversions due to the fact that consumers clicking were not really looking for these types of products to begin with.

The solution for this, as provided by Google Adwords, is placing these unrelated keywords under your campaign’s negative broad match settings to prevent your ads from showing on searches where it shouldn't. But as attested by the search engine itself, the negative broad match settings is not as perfect as they would hope it to be, with still unrelated keywords getting by once in a while.

By the time you find out your ads are getting clicks and showing at all the wrong places, it could be too late for your ad budget altogether.

The reverse keyword research tool in KeywordSpy, would you believe it, does not just allow keyword research for a specific industry to empower ad campaigns. A closer analysis of keyword results indexed by the database would also show the broad match terms attributed to advertisers, may they be related or not.

For keyword research pros, it’s just a matter of filtering out the unrelated material from the useful ones. After all, keyword research is also about finding keywords that would best suit your own campaign.

But it comes as an added tool for the seasoned advertiser to stay updated on keywords and ads within his campaign. Detecting expanded broad match keywords at the earliest means and stopping them in their tracks by including them in their campaign’s negative broad match keyword list can also do a great deal of good.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Search Engine Marketing and the Recession. Are ‘Jobs’ all the Rage?

by Roi A.

Since all that everybody seems to be talking about nowadays is the recession, does it follow that many Web sites, job-oriented ones especially, are putting out more than their usual budget for pay-per-click ads and SEO to lure in people looking for a job?

In lieu of this, we at KeywordSpy thought of getting into a timely mode scan the job-oriented Web sites are advertising jobs and actually bidding for the keyword “jobs” and other those like it. And by using the Time Machine function, we will attempt to see if there is indeed a trend—if more companies have actually paid more for the keywords.

Now, in the hunt for jobs, we are aware that there are many other keywords that are searched for. These include “jobs,” “job opportunities,” “job openings”, “hot jobs,” and so on. For this example though, we’re going to focus on the most common searched term of the lot, the short but straight to the point, “Jobs”. In doing so, we’d like to inform everyone that this would merely be a trial on our part, and in no way be a final word of the real trend when it comes to keyword bidding for jobs during the recession.

Conducting our keyword research on the first week on March (US only), we see that bid for the keyword “jobs” stands at $1.62. It’s a fairly high bid, but we’d like to have more than that information. In the paid competitors category we see that ranks the highest, and having a keyword total of 51,025. At number two is , whose total of paid keywords surprisingly trails that of (17,550)., is at number 3, with a slightly higher paid keyword total (21,148).

Now let’s check out from these competitors how their strategies changed with the months of the recession. While the recession began as early as 2007, we’re going to check back from when it peaked in August 2008--after the Lehman Brothers and Fannie and Freddie fallouts—going up to the current month.

Here’s’s Time Machine results for

As you can see, the paid keywords went as high as 101,387 in the second quarter. But then it plummets to 4,268 in July. It then rises for three months thereafter then goes down again drastically in November, falls down again for the next two months then regains ground in February.

Now how is it comparable to the number two paid competitor. Here’s a look at the Time Machine graph for

From KeywordSpy’s data, we find out that it has not been engaging in PPC for a long time before January (the last time was in April and it was only for 29 keywords). But since then they have bid for nearly 7000 times that amount, doubling in February and growing by 1,000 in March. From the looks of it, the demand for jobs has apparently made this domain step up its PPC campaign by a large notch.

Now we are going to go two notches lower in the chart for’s Time Machine results:

We now see here a reverse trend. From the second quarter last year, it had a high number of paid keywords in the 30,000’s. But then by September, it drops down to 14,822. It rises back up to 30,000, but falls down to half that amount in November and stays within that range up to the current day. We can then infer from this Time Machine data is that probably the Web site chose not to concentrate on its PPC campaign and chose to advertise its services through other means.

But what about the organic research results? How does “jobs” fare in the sites not resorting to paying as much (if not paying) for the keyword, but offering a similar service? Going back to KeywordSpy’s overview tab for “jobs”, here is what we get:

As you can see, leads KeywordSpy’s organic chart, and it may be because of the inclusion of the word “Jobs” in the Web site’s name. It is followed by, who outnumbers with a keyword total of 407, 780, but surprisingly still ranks behind in the ranking for the word jobs. Monster in the meantime make a second appearance in this chart.

Now let’s again concentrate on the word “jobs” alone. We click on the Time Machine tab for “jobs”, and this is what we get:

Looking at this chart, the keyword “jobs” fared strongly in the last part of 2007, and has fluctuated between the 40s and 100s during the 1st half of 2008. This seems to be consistent with the demand for jobs. But in the latest years of the recession, the performance of the keyword “jobs” has gone down, averaging in the tens.

Now this could mean that, among other things, jobs may still be in demand, though not as much paid for by some companies, as doing so may prove more costly. Again, this is just merely an assumption; more data may be needed to expound on this research.

Now we go over to the summary tab of Time Machine for a visual representation:

We can see here that for the keyword “jobs”, the domain is bidding most for the keyword “jobs”, with 191,592. At a far second is, with 50,328 keywords. At third is the major player, with 35,520 keywords.

You will also notice the absence of paid competitor in this chart. This is quite understandable, as the site has been synonymous with employment opportunities in America, and could afford not to go the extra mile in their PPC campaign.

From this, we can infer that the US recession would affect a lot of things, and the plethora of job searchers may be rising, but pay-per-click isn’t showing a synonymous trend in bidding for keywords that are related to jobs, with the trend for the word “jobs” actually going in the opposite direction of the recession.

Other companies realize that they could just as easily compensate by maximizing their SEO, and creating a lot of varieties for jobs such as “work from home,” “local jobs”, “employment” and the like. Plus, one keyword alone wouldn’t determine the whole trend; it takes a lot of other keywords to have a grasp of the whole situation. But with this KeywordSpy research, it is not bad to say that we’re off to a good start.

Recession Tactics for PPC & SEO

by KC Ochoa

Despite the economic crisis having a universal effect from the consumer to the business sector, online marketing remains a reliable media with which to maintain and promote a business. SEO and PPC advertising is still considered a far efficient and less expensive method than traditional marketing. It is critical, however, to make every penny and marketing effort count.

Reevaluate: The convenience of PPC and SEO is the ability to track down the effects of your marketing efforts in a span of weeks or even days, compared to traditional media where you could lose hundreds of dollars before being aware of it.

If your website is not ranking or your ad is not showing, you are still paying for expensive clicks that seldom convert into sales, those will be clear signs that something is wrong with your campaign.

Restructure: Depending on the performance of your current ads or your website ranking, it is possible that a change in technique is necessary.

Check if your bids are still at a competitive level. For non-performing keywords and ad copies, consider examining your text and advertisement content for more effective marketing messages.

The search engines and competitive intelligence tools provide countless information on how to compete. This is evident the moment you start searching for keywords on their platforms. Consider better and related material and information you can use to improve your campaign.

Retarget: The focus of every business of late, online or otherwise, is to reach out, if not maintain clientele. Exploring other keywords can also be beneficial as it also opens doors to new markets as well as lessen your overall ad spend.

Take a keyword that has a suggested bid of $1.10 with average clicks of 573 per day but has over 17 competing advertisers, if you can compete with the cost and that many other websites, that’s great. But how much money are you going to lose in such a process?

Now consider a keyword that has a lesser amount of suggested bid, a considerable amount of clicks per day and is within a competitive field with your website. It just might me a better and safer investment for your company.

Online marketing is still an unshakeable industry despite the present financial setbacks. Maintaining control, staying informed, and making educated decisions at a crucial time are your best bets against a spiraling economy.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Learn More About the KeywordSpy SEO Plugin

The KeywordSpy SEO Plugin is a Mozilla Firefox extension, aimed primarily at helping advertisers and webmasters in doing their SEM and SEO right from their browser. This revolutionary plugin changes the way advertisers do their keyword research and competitor tracking while browsing Google & Yahoo in real-time.

ywordSpy SEO Plugin allows the viewing and investigation of lots of important SEO parameters, both in the result pages of search engines and in the site pages that you visit. SEO analysts and webmasters will find KeywordSpy Plugin helpful in competitive intelligence and analysis of SEO efforts of the sites that appear in both PPC and Organic listings. The professional interface and usefulness of this plugin, give its reliability as an indispensable tool in analyzing search engine optimization parameters and search advertising keywords.
KeywordSpy SEO plugin is composed of three powerful and functional parts: The KeywordSpy SEObar, The KeywordSpy SEO Checklist and the Keyword Researcher Pop-up.

The KeywordSpy SEObar --- is an additional toolbar in the bottom right corner for the page currently opened in the browser window. It gives on-the-fly results of the Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank and Alexa Rank Trend. If you’re on the result page of search engine, the SEOBar will allow you to customize the parameters shown in SEO, PPC or Google geo-targeted results.

The KeywordSpy SEO Checklist --- after the query is made by online searchers in search engines, KeywordSpy shows values of the parameters for each search results shown, known as SEO Checklist.

General sets of parameters in SEO Checklist are consists of:

Google Page Rank
Alexa Rank
Google Cached

Google Cached Date
Domain Age
Yahoo Cached
MSN Live Cached
Yahoo! Links
Yahoo! .edu Links
Yahoo! .gov Links Page Links Entries
McAfee Rating

All KeywordSpy SEO Checklist parameter can be turned on/off in SEObar in search engine result pages.

Keyword Researcher Pop-up --- this is the revolutionary pop-up which shows the keywords used by sites in the PPC listing of search engines. The keywords are being gauged by valuable metrics such as ROI, Position, Number of Competitors, Clicks per Day and Cost per Click. You even have the option to copy the list of keywords in your clipboard for your own keyword research and competitive projects.

For more information, you may refer to the official KeywordSpy SEO Plugin site .

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

KeywordSpy Unveils KeywordSpy Tracking V2.0

-by KC Ochoa

CA, USA. It keeps getting better and better. That seems to be the tagline of keyword giant KeywordSpy. Just recently KeywordSpy launched its KeywordSpy Tracking version 2.0, and even that is an understatement.

In its early release, KeywordSpy's Tracking ver.1 database allows you to store and monitor keywords of a particular domain across the major search engines of Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. The monitoring feeds you visibility reports of keyword rankings on Paid and Organic or Natural industries.

The initial version offered basic PPC and Organic data in terms of keyword, ads, competition, and website rankings. Keyword Research, the website’s initial offering, remained the tool's bestselling product despite the newly added features.

Now, KeywordSpy Tracking is back with a vengeance and it’s loaded with a comprehensive set of information and elements under one convenient package.

A major difference in Tracking version 2.0 is that the competitive intelligence gathering does not monitor domains of keywords anymore. Rather, data collection is solely based on the sets of keywords that the Tracking user will specify on their campaigns, giving it a broader scope. From then, a user can narrow down his campaign to competitors or domains he intends to focus on.

Tracking version 2.0 tracks Paid and Organic keywords across international markets and promises up to date ranking, costs and clicks per day metrics on ads, ad count, landing page screenshots, and competitor data.

Monitoring has definitely improved with filter and comparison features. Tracking 2.0 allows more control over information by making it possible to see certain data at a time, select a date range for evaluation, and even compare competitor standings on selected keywords.

Additional features to complete the system are Domain and Keyword Watchlist and the Suggested Keywords Bars which offers overlooked keywords and measurable data for the campaign.

Despite the overwhelming new data and options, KeywordSpy has outdone itself in presentation with the clear and well organized manner of providing data that is easy to understand, manage and control.

Probably the best part of all this, KeywordSpy Tracking 2.0, with all the upgraded features, comes at the same reasonable price.

KeywordSpy has truly grown from a humble keyword research tool to a complete search marketing intelligence machine. With its current technology, there's no telling what great things we can expect next.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Grey's Anatomy Collectibles

Grey's Anatomy Junior Fit Scrub Pants:

Step in style with Grey's Anatomy™ scrub pants! A fit for everybody type in Grey's Anatomy™ scrubs colors and at low prices. Join the craze and outfit yourself in Grey's Anatomy™ scrub uniform pants made out of top quality dura tech fabric with functionable features.

The Complete Grey's Anatomy Season 4

It was centered around Meredith having a huge breakthrough with her personal life including Derek and her mother. Meredith and Derek performed clinical trials on patients with brain tumors. They lost all of their patients except for one whose boyfriend died just before her life saving surgery. After finally succeeding, Meredith took a risk and reunited with Derek. Almost all the cast had a kiss, including Meredith and Derek, George and Lexie, Richard and Adele, Alex and Izzie, and, Erica and Callie. To prepare for the lesbian story line, which continued momentarily in season five, Grey’s consulted with GLAAD.[21] At the end, Derek goes to his camper in search of Meredith, only to find her waiting on his land with candles dividing each room of their could-be "home". They kiss, and Derek leaves her long enough to break up with Rose.

The Complete Grey's Anatomy Season 3

As the season came to a close, Burke called off his wedding to Cristina at the church, Chief Webber stayed on as the Chief of Surgery, Callie was appointed Chief Resident, and George learned he failed the final intern exam. The relationship between Derek and Meredith, as well as the triangle between Callie, George, and Izzie were left unresolved. Addison decides to start a new life in Los Angeles in the spin-off Private Practice.

The Complete Grey's Anatomy Season 1

Meredith Grey, the daughter of the once-renowned surgeon Ellis Grey, becomes an intern at the Seattle Grace Hospital. She meets fellow interns Cristina Yang, Isobel "Izzie" Stevens, and George O'Malley, who become her closest friends during the intern program. Other characters include Dr. Miranda Bailey, nicknamed "Nazi" due to her "tough love" capability; Alex Karev, an intern who is not very popular with the others (especially Izzie); and renowned surgeons Dr. Derek Shepherd and Dr. Preston Burke. The chief of surgery is Richard Webber, who was once more than close friends with Meredith's mother.

The season chronicles the first few months of the internship program and the day-to-day life of a surgical intern. Recurring plots include Meredith's battle to keep her mother's Alzheimer's disease a secret and her relationship with Dr. Shepherd. Others include George's infatuation with Meredith, Izzie dealing with the criticism of being a former model, Cristina's relationship with Burke and her miscarriage, and a power struggle between Dr. Burke and Dr. Shepherd in the hospital. The season's end introduces Kate Walsh as Dr. Addison Montgomery-Shepherd, Derek's estranged wife, although for other areas where the season was aired, Meredith waiting (Season 2, Episode 5) was the season finale instead.

Grey's Anatomy MP3:

Music plays a key role in the creation of Grey’s Anatomy. Each episode of the show is uniquely named after a song. The episode titles usually have something to do with the theme or moral of the episode's storyline and this moral is reproduced by the voice-overs heard at the beginning and end of each episode.

Again and Again: The Bird And The Bee

Keep Breathing - Ingrid Michaelson

Miss Halfway - Anya Marina

Grey's Anatomy Soundtrack

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Apple iPod Classic

I like:

Capacity; design; good screen; Cover Flow; use of album art; high-quality video support; great games; handy search feature; sound quality; support for lossless audio; integrated podcast features

I don't like:

New main menu UI; have to use iTunes; navigation can be slow at times

Also known as:

6th-gen video iPod

You might also need:

Dock; iPod-ready hi-fi; better headphones; mains adaptor; TV connection cable; case


Apple has not only exceeded my expectations, it's exceeded ones I didn't even have. The iPod classic is a superb audio player with a huge wealth of well-integrated features and intuitive navigation. My only real concern is that menus can be laggy. Apart from that, it's very outstanding.

Bare Minerals Make-up

Bare Minerals Make-up Review

It should be no secret that I truly love bare minerals, however, there certainly is room for improvement. In a perfect world, Bare Minerals would be waterproof (or, at least, water resistant), wouldn’t rub off on anything or anyone, and wouldn’t be so messy.

But, this isn’t a perfect world yet, so we need to make due with what we’ve got and with Bare Minerals, we’ve got a lot. Bare Minerals definitely gets a thumbs up if you’re someone who prefers the natural look (i.e. like you’re not wearing makeup at all), or if you have sensitive skin.

The Twilight Series


When seventeen year-old Bella Swan leaves sunny Arizona to live with her father in the small and gloomy Pacific North-West town of Forks she doesn’t expect to like it. After all she has made excuses not to go there enough times over the past few years. If living in Forks, with its constant mist and rain, wasn’t bad enough she will have to make a whole new set of friends and settle into a new school.

Bella soon makes some new friends at school but when she sees a boy called Edward Cullen sitting with his brothers and sisters in the cafeteria she is instantly intrigued. Edward is stunningly attractive, almost inhumanly beautiful, and yet he is an outsider too. Although Edward and his family have lived in Forks for two years they have never really been accepted by the townsfolk.

At first Edward is aloof, sometimes it almost seems like he can’t stand to be in the same room as her, but eventually they strike up an unlikely friendship. Even as Bella falls hopelessly and irrevocably in love with Edward, she still can’t work out exactly what makes him so different to everyone else.

On a trip to the beach, Bella is told of the local legend about the “cold ones”, a group of blood drinkers who have sworn off hunting humans but are still not welcome on Indian land because vampires are not to be trusted. Realising Edward is vampire changes nothing for Bella, she knows that she still loves him even if he’s not human.

Edward and his whole family are vampires. Edward himself was made a vampire when he was seventeen years-old, although that was at the end of World War I. For Edward his love for Bella is both a delight and a torment. A delight because she is the first person he has loved since he was made a vampire. A torment because although he has sworn off human blood and only hunts animals the craving for human blood never truly leaves him and the very scent of her also stirs his hunger for blood….
The Review

Twilight is the story of Edward and Bella’s romance. Forget any vampire romance you have read before, Twilight is so unique it is almost like it’s in its own genre. The book is marketed at Young Adult readers but it has the ability to cross age barriers and will satisfy both teenagers and adults alike.

The story is told in first person from the perspective of Bella, so the reader only ever know what she knows, making Edward and his family a mystery that is slowly unravelled through out the book. Even by the end of the book I was still thirsting for more of the Cullen family back story - hopefully their characters might be developed further in future books. Bella herself is a well written and realistic character, shy and lacking in confidence, her sarcastic inner voice narrates the story for the reader.

Twilight is simply and yet beautifully written. The descriptions of Forks leave you feeling like you can almost smell the damp air and hear the rain falling on the roof.

The romance between Edward and Bella is both touching and compelling. There is a melancholic feel to their impossible love, yet at the same time they both are unwilling to give up hope that their relationship is not doomed. The book reaches a fever pitch of excitement as the romance between Bella and Edward turns into a frantic race to stay alive.

I have heard Twilight described as “a vampire story for people who don’t like vampire stories” and I think I would agree with that. This book really has something for everyone. Young adult readers, vampire fans or romance readers will all find Twilight to be an appealing story.

For a Young Adult novel the book is quite long but don’t let that put you off reading it because each page is to be savoured. Believe me, this is one book that you won’t want to end.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

KeywordSpy Budget Intelligence Sheds Light on Accurately Gauging Competitors’ Ad Spend

-by Liezl Zey Gutierrez

SAN FRANCISCO, California, January 17, 2009
Competitive intel gathering just got a whole lot exciting. KeywordSp
y, released today its Budget Intelligence data, showcasing valuable ad spending statistics in the search advertising network.

The new feature from the Leader in Keyword Research Technology and Competitive Intelligence turns domain and keyword queries into a visually enticing, easy to grasp advertiser budget data.

For quite som
e time, there is no single tool in the web presenting reliable data in terms of budget calculation and ad spend, KeywordSpy placed an end on this quest just right on time.
“The economy is in global financial turbulence. It is in this light that we want our clients to make reasonable budgeting decisions during these tough times by understanding their competitors’ monetary strategies in the playing field with greater accuracy, the KeywordSpy Budget Intelligence is our greatest contribution on this pursuit,” said Mark Kievel, spokesperson of the KeywordSpy Team.

True to the dynamic data presentation of KeywordSpy, the Budget Intelligence illustrates the numerical and graphical values of Daily Ad Budget, Total Clicks per Day, Cost per Click and Average Ad Position in the Pay-per-Click competition. With this data, disclosure of budget information also correlates in exposing the revenue of a company or site which is in greater proportion with its marketing budget.

The Budget Intelligence feature will be available to all KeywordSpy users as an added functionality at no additional cost.

About KeywordSpy:

Founded in 2004, KeywordSpy is the Leader in Keyword Research Technology and Competitive Intelligence to search engine advertisers.

Its proprietary technology tracks all search advertising activity in any given industry, empowering companies and individuals with marketing and budget analytics, PPC, SEO and Affiliate intelligence, competitors’ keywords, advertisement copies, and other valuable information needed for advertisers to gain tremendous increase in their ROI.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Exporting PPC or Paid Keyword Results from KeywordSpy

Digging Deep on Competition with KeywordSpy

Instant Keyword Results from KeywordSpy

Who Are Your Real Competitors? Find out with KeywordSpy

Keywords vs. Competition Info from KeywordSpy

KeywordSpy Category Specifics

Knowing Your Organic Competitors with KeywordSpy

Knowing Your Competitors with KeywordSpy

Competitive Intelligence Report from KeywordSpy

Getting the Big Market Overview with KeywordSpy

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