Saturday, January 17, 2009

KeywordSpy Budget Intelligence Sheds Light on Accurately Gauging Competitors’ Ad Spend

-by Liezl Zey Gutierrez

SAN FRANCISCO, California, January 17, 2009
Competitive intel gathering just got a whole lot exciting. KeywordSp
y, released today its Budget Intelligence data, showcasing valuable ad spending statistics in the search advertising network.

The new feature from the Leader in Keyword Research Technology and Competitive Intelligence turns domain and keyword queries into a visually enticing, easy to grasp advertiser budget data.

For quite som
e time, there is no single tool in the web presenting reliable data in terms of budget calculation and ad spend, KeywordSpy placed an end on this quest just right on time.
“The economy is in global financial turbulence. It is in this light that we want our clients to make reasonable budgeting decisions during these tough times by understanding their competitors’ monetary strategies in the playing field with greater accuracy, the KeywordSpy Budget Intelligence is our greatest contribution on this pursuit,” said Mark Kievel, spokesperson of the KeywordSpy Team.

True to the dynamic data presentation of KeywordSpy, the Budget Intelligence illustrates the numerical and graphical values of Daily Ad Budget, Total Clicks per Day, Cost per Click and Average Ad Position in the Pay-per-Click competition. With this data, disclosure of budget information also correlates in exposing the revenue of a company or site which is in greater proportion with its marketing budget.

The Budget Intelligence feature will be available to all KeywordSpy users as an added functionality at no additional cost.

About KeywordSpy:

Founded in 2004, KeywordSpy is the Leader in Keyword Research Technology and Competitive Intelligence to search engine advertisers.

Its proprietary technology tracks all search advertising activity in any given industry, empowering companies and individuals with marketing and budget analytics, PPC, SEO and Affiliate intelligence, competitors’ keywords, advertisement copies, and other valuable information needed for advertisers to gain tremendous increase in their ROI.

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