Tuesday, March 31, 2009

KeywordSpy Unveils KeywordSpy Tracking V2.0

-by KC Ochoa

CA, USA. It keeps getting better and better. That seems to be the tagline of keyword giant KeywordSpy. Just recently KeywordSpy launched its KeywordSpy Tracking version 2.0, and even that is an understatement.

In its early release, KeywordSpy's Tracking ver.1 database allows you to store and monitor keywords of a particular domain across the major search engines of Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. The monitoring feeds you visibility reports of keyword rankings on Paid and Organic or Natural industries.

The initial version offered basic PPC and Organic data in terms of keyword, ads, competition, and website rankings. Keyword Research, the website’s initial offering, remained the tool's bestselling product despite the newly added features.

Now, KeywordSpy Tracking is back with a vengeance and it’s loaded with a comprehensive set of information and elements under one convenient package.

A major difference in Tracking version 2.0 is that the competitive intelligence gathering does not monitor domains of keywords anymore. Rather, data collection is solely based on the sets of keywords that the Tracking user will specify on their campaigns, giving it a broader scope. From then, a user can narrow down his campaign to competitors or domains he intends to focus on.

Tracking version 2.0 tracks Paid and Organic keywords across international markets and promises up to date ranking, costs and clicks per day metrics on ads, ad count, landing page screenshots, and competitor data.

Monitoring has definitely improved with filter and comparison features. Tracking 2.0 allows more control over information by making it possible to see certain data at a time, select a date range for evaluation, and even compare competitor standings on selected keywords.

Additional features to complete the system are Domain and Keyword Watchlist and the Suggested Keywords Bars which offers overlooked keywords and measurable data for the campaign.

Despite the overwhelming new data and options, KeywordSpy has outdone itself in presentation with the clear and well organized manner of providing data that is easy to understand, manage and control.

Probably the best part of all this, KeywordSpy Tracking 2.0, with all the upgraded features, comes at the same reasonable price.

KeywordSpy has truly grown from a humble keyword research tool to a complete search marketing intelligence machine. With its current technology, there's no telling what great things we can expect next.