Thursday, May 21, 2009

Learn More About the KeywordSpy SEO Plugin

The KeywordSpy SEO Plugin is a Mozilla Firefox extension, aimed primarily at helping advertisers and webmasters in doing their SEM and SEO right from their browser. This revolutionary plugin changes the way advertisers do their keyword research and competitor tracking while browsing Google & Yahoo in real-time.

ywordSpy SEO Plugin allows the viewing and investigation of lots of important SEO parameters, both in the result pages of search engines and in the site pages that you visit. SEO analysts and webmasters will find KeywordSpy Plugin helpful in competitive intelligence and analysis of SEO efforts of the sites that appear in both PPC and Organic listings. The professional interface and usefulness of this plugin, give its reliability as an indispensable tool in analyzing search engine optimization parameters and search advertising keywords.
KeywordSpy SEO plugin is composed of three powerful and functional parts: The KeywordSpy SEObar, The KeywordSpy SEO Checklist and the Keyword Researcher Pop-up.

The KeywordSpy SEObar --- is an additional toolbar in the bottom right corner for the page currently opened in the browser window. It gives on-the-fly results of the Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank and Alexa Rank Trend. If you’re on the result page of search engine, the SEOBar will allow you to customize the parameters shown in SEO, PPC or Google geo-targeted results.

The KeywordSpy SEO Checklist --- after the query is made by online searchers in search engines, KeywordSpy shows values of the parameters for each search results shown, known as SEO Checklist.

General sets of parameters in SEO Checklist are consists of:

Google Page Rank
Alexa Rank
Google Cached

Google Cached Date
Domain Age
Yahoo Cached
MSN Live Cached
Yahoo! Links
Yahoo! .edu Links
Yahoo! .gov Links Page Links Entries
McAfee Rating

All KeywordSpy SEO Checklist parameter can be turned on/off in SEObar in search engine result pages.

Keyword Researcher Pop-up --- this is the revolutionary pop-up which shows the keywords used by sites in the PPC listing of search engines. The keywords are being gauged by valuable metrics such as ROI, Position, Number of Competitors, Clicks per Day and Cost per Click. You even have the option to copy the list of keywords in your clipboard for your own keyword research and competitive projects.

For more information, you may refer to the official KeywordSpy SEO Plugin site .

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