Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Recession Tactics for PPC & SEO

by KC Ochoa

Despite the economic crisis having a universal effect from the consumer to the business sector, online marketing remains a reliable media with which to maintain and promote a business. SEO and PPC advertising is still considered a far efficient and less expensive method than traditional marketing. It is critical, however, to make every penny and marketing effort count.

Reevaluate: The convenience of PPC and SEO is the ability to track down the effects of your marketing efforts in a span of weeks or even days, compared to traditional media where you could lose hundreds of dollars before being aware of it.

If your website is not ranking or your ad is not showing, you are still paying for expensive clicks that seldom convert into sales, those will be clear signs that something is wrong with your campaign.

Restructure: Depending on the performance of your current ads or your website ranking, it is possible that a change in technique is necessary.

Check if your bids are still at a competitive level. For non-performing keywords and ad copies, consider examining your text and advertisement content for more effective marketing messages.

The search engines and competitive intelligence tools provide countless information on how to compete. This is evident the moment you start searching for keywords on their platforms. Consider better and related material and information you can use to improve your campaign.

Retarget: The focus of every business of late, online or otherwise, is to reach out, if not maintain clientele. Exploring other keywords can also be beneficial as it also opens doors to new markets as well as lessen your overall ad spend.

Take a keyword that has a suggested bid of $1.10 with average clicks of 573 per day but has over 17 competing advertisers, if you can compete with the cost and that many other websites, that’s great. But how much money are you going to lose in such a process?

Now consider a keyword that has a lesser amount of suggested bid, a considerable amount of clicks per day and is within a competitive field with your website. It just might me a better and safer investment for your company.

Online marketing is still an unshakeable industry despite the present financial setbacks. Maintaining control, staying informed, and making educated decisions at a crucial time are your best bets against a spiraling economy.

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