Tuesday, September 8, 2009

KeywordSpy Successfully Launches Its Version 3.0

The new version is calibrated with advanced searching features and offers the most up to date keyword research results achieved through the daily system updates.

Palo Alto, California – KeywordSpy (www.KeywordSpy), the leader in keyword research technology and search advertising intelligence launched today its most powerful version, KeywordSpy Version 3.0.

The new platform enables its users to enjoy the daily system updates of 127 million keywords in the KeywordSpy Research database, and uncover sub-domains and misspelled keywords.

KeywordSpy 3.0 also comes with new and powerful features called the “Destination URL Search” and “Ad Copy Search”. So whether users are searching on competitors, trying to reverse engineer a landing page strategy, or even looking for specific affiliates, they can use the new KeywordSpy searching options to accomplish their most needed research tasks.

Based on user feedback, the Destination URL search is the favourite KeywordSpy feature of affiliates, as it allows them to search by affiliate network, product IDs, affiliate keywords, or even combination of all these. It covers data from over 80 affiliate networks, making sure that affiliates get their research complete.

Another useful feature is the ROI indicator which pinpoints profitable keyword and ad copy combinations.

The new features will be available to current subscribers at no additional charge.

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