Saturday, January 30, 2010

PPC Terms inside KeywordSpy

PPC stands for Pay per Click. Here are other PPC terms you will encounter in our system and their definitions:

1. PPC Keywords pertain to the number of Pay per Click keywords that KeywordSpy has indexed for a particular domain.

2. PPC Advertisers pertain to the total number of domains or advertisers bidding on the keyword you have searched in their Pay per Click advertising campaigns.

3. The PPC Competitors pertain to the number of Pay per Click advertisers bidding on the same keyword as the domain.

4. PPC Ad Copies pertain to the number of Pay per Click ads that KeywordSpy has indexed for a particular domain.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

KeywordSpy Pricing

How much do you pay for a KeywordSpy Subscription?

KeywordSpy currently offers three types of fixed accounts:

KeywordSpy Research ($89.95),

KeywordSpy Tracking ($89.95); and

KeywordSpy Professional ($139.95).

Prices are quoted in US dollar.

For more information, kindly refer to this link:

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Friday, January 22, 2010

The KeywordSpy Top List

With a KeywordSpy Professional account, you can have full access to the KeywordSpy Top Lists section which allows you to view an exclusive list of top keywords and domains from various categories including:

*Top Paid Ad Spenders
*Top Ad Spenders Based on No. of Keywords
*Top Organic Sites Based on No. of Keywords
*Ad Spenders with the Most Budget Change
*Ad Spenders with Largest Change in No. of Keywords
*Organic Sites with Largest Change in No. of Keywords
*Keywords with Highest Cost Per Click
*Keywords with Highest Cost per Day
*Keywords with Most Clicks per Day
*Keywords with Largest Cost per Click Change
*Keywords with Largest Cost per Day Change
*Keywords with Largest Clicks per Day Change

The Top Lists section can be found by clicking the "Top Lists" link on the dropdown selection for KeywordSpy's Research tab or by referring to the link below:

Definition of Terms in KeywordSpy

For those of you looking for definition of terms, statistics and data in KeywordSpy, you have come to the right place.


Daily Ad Budget - is the estimated Pay per Click advertising budget of a domain based on the total number of keywords and the cost per click values of the PPC keywords.

ROI - ROI is a reference index which measures the profitability of an ad + keyword combination by detecting its duration of appearance.

The concept behind this is that in PPC practice, advertisers will stop running ad + keyword combinations which are no longer converting, or are converting poorly.

The ROI column measures the profitability of an advertisement copy. It is an extrapolation computed by KeywordSpy to gauge how effective an ad is, based on its frequency of appearance in search engine listing.

If the ROI shows a blank bar, this means that the ROI for the PPC ad it refers to have a low profitability rate. It could be that the ad has not been seen in the search engines for a long period of time or the ad has ceased to be active for a website's PPC ad campaign. The more time has past since we have last seen an ad, the more probable that the ad was either not profitable or banned for some reason or was deleted and is no longer running.

The green shade on the ROI indicator refers to profitable ads as they have a high value of ROI while the gray shade refers to a low ROI value and non-profitability.

ROI profitability can be adjusted through the member's "Account" page. Doing so will allow you to set what ROI you would consider to be profitable in relation to your campaign. In turn, ROI numbers equal to and higher than the value you will set will reflect as a green bar on your search results, and gray for lesser values, making it easier for you to evaluate between profitable and non profitable ads and keywords.

CPC or Cost per Click - is the average amount that advertisers spend for every click that a keyword can generate.

The KeywordSpy Average Cost per Click (CPC) metric comes from Google API. The actual CPC of a keyword is probably lower than the amount indicated. The purpose of this extrapolation is to show relative estimated cost among keywords that advertisers bid on.

PPC Competitors - pertain to the number of Pay per Click advertisers bidding on the same keyword as the domain.

Position (PPC) - refers to the Average Position of an ad copy in Pay per Click search engine listings.

Position is highly dependent on the CTR and amount of bid an advertiser spends for an ad. A comparison between the price per click and a keyword’s ad position will allow an advertiser to decide which keywords he can use depending on the amount he is willing to invest to get his desired ad placement.

Organic keyword - is a keyword that a website naturally ranks for. It is either part of the online text of the website, or of the meta configuration

Position (Organic Keywords) - is the organic listing position of a site when a keyword is searched.

The position of the competitor’s domain depends on the organic keywords being used by the company to increase its site’s organic exposure. With a huge list of organic keywords in your hand, you could easily utilize those keywords to rank your site first on major search engines.

Number of Results per Query - refers to the number of results you can view on the Research system. As compared to the KeywordSpy Free Trial account that allows you to view only 20 results per search, you can view all results for your search for both the KeywordSpy Research and Professional memberships.

Daily Query Limit - corresponds to every keyword, domain, or term you enter on the Research system's search bar, or for every keyword or domain link, or tab you click. A KeywordSpy Research account allows you to do 2,000 search queries per day while a KeywordSpy Professional allows you to do 5,000 search queries per day.

Daily Keyword Export Limit - corresponds to the number of keyword results you can export for a single day. A KeywordSpy Research membership allows you to export 50,000 keyword exports per day while the KeywordSpy Professional account will allow you to export 75,000 keyword exports per day.


KeywordSpy Tracking is a deeper competitive intelligence tool that allows you to store and monitor your campaign keywords in real time across Google, Yahoo!, and Bing and in over 30 different countries. This feature is accessible through the Tracking tab on your KeywordSpy account.

KeywordSpy Tracking is a separate tool from KeywordSpy Research as this allows further competitive edge by giving you daily monitoring reports on your preferred keywords and just your concerned markets.

Coverage - is the percentage of total search impressions in which a domain’s ads appear under a certain keyword.

For example, if there are 10,000 searches per day on the keyword “flowers” and a site ad appears in the first page of PPC results 2,300 times, the coverage is 23 %.

Average Position(Domain) - refers to the average rank of the domain you are monitoring for a certain keyword in the PPC or Organic listings based on the number of days KeywordSpy has been tracking it in the given search engine.

Daily user-specified keywords
- refers to the keyword targets you can input in a campaign in the KeywordSpy Tracking module. Once a campaign is set up, the Tracking system will begin monitoring the keywords set for the group across the selected regions and its applicable search engine/s.


*KeywordSpy is an advanced keyword research tool that tells you what keywords your competitors are using in their PPC advertising such as in Google AdWords.

*KeywordSpy Professional combines the features of KeywordSpy Research and Tracking, with increased search query, export, and monitoring capabilities to 5,000 and 75,000, and 500 keyword targets, respectively.

*KeywordSpy's subscription prices are only indicated in US dollars.

*KeywordSpy caters to wire transfer payments for annual KeywordSpy subscriptions.

*KeywordSpy charts show the summary of keyword data for the past 10 months

*You may log-in to your KeywordSpy account at KeywordSpy Canada domain. This KeywordSpy domain is set to show results primarily from the Canada country database by default:

*The KeywordSpy Affiliate program allows you to earn $50 USD for every KeywordSpy Research/Tracking or $80 USD for every KeywordSpy Professional sale that originates from your website, e-zine, blog or e-mail through your affiliate link.

For more information on the KeywordSpy Affiliate Program, kindly refer to the link below:

*The Affiliate Indicator in the KeywordSpy Ads Tab results would show if a certain advertisement belongs to an affiliate. If the ad copy belongs to an affiliate of the domain or keyword you have searched, the result will be the affiliate network where the site is being promoted. If the result indicates an N/A value, it means that the ad is a general PPC ad copy of the search advertising campaigns of the domain or keyword you have searched.

*The KeywordSpy SEO/PPC Plugin runs on Firefox on the Windows and Macintosh platforms, and on Internet Explorer on the Windows platform.

To install the Plugin, please refer to the link below:

*The Affiliate Intelligence feature provides an overview of the affiliate networks that KeywordSpy covers. Also, it allows you to view different affiliate networks as well as the different affiliate products they offer and their corresponding affiliate ads.

*To be able to access keyword data with results default to the United Kingdom country database, you can also refer to the KeywordSpy United Kingdom domain through the link below:

*The KeywordSpyFree Trial is a lifetime access to KeywordSpy Research. You can use it as many times as you like and as long as you want. However, it will only give you a limited number of maximum 20 results each time.

Registration for the KeywordSpy Free Trial account does not require you to input credit card or billing information. Thus, you will not be charged for this type of membership unless you upgrade to a paid subscription.

*Below is the link to KeywordSpy video tutorials: