Monday, February 1, 2010

Searches You Can Do Inside KeywordSpy

KeywordSpy Research allows you to perform four types of search queries for keyword research:

One is the "Domain Search" where you can search for a particular domain to get the respective Budget Intelligence, Ads, PPC Keywords, and Organic Keywords of a given website. This would also include the website's PPC and Organic competitors as well as its indexed sub domains.

Second, a "Keyword Search" would allow you to see the PPC and Organic competitors utilizing a specific keyword in their PPC advertising and Organic data, as well as PPC Ads, Related Keywords and Misspelled Keywords in connection with your searched term or phrase.

Third, the "Destination URLs Search" would allow you to gather PPC Advertisement information based on destination URLs of PPC ads. With this, you can find information on PPC advertisements by searching for specific destination URLs, in full or in part. This is especially useful for affiliate marketing research as this search provides PPC Ad results based on product ID, affiliate ID, network string, and affiliate URL searches.

Lastly, the "Ad Copies Search" gathers PPC Ad intelligence based on keywords or terms that can be found on a certain advertisement copy. If you are looking for a particular Ad or domain advertising for a certain product or service, you can perform a search for that term under Ad Copies and find out what types of ads are being used to advertise a certain keyword.

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