Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tracking Keyword and Domain Results in Different Countries

One of the edge of Keyword Spy against other tools is the tracking of results in various markets and countries.

Let me enumerate the countries that it supports in its two products - KeywordSpy Research and KeywordSpy Tracking.

For KeywordSpy Research, total of 17 countries as of this writing:

1. Australia
2. Austria
3. Brazil
4. Canada
5. France
6. Germany
7. Greece
8. India
9. Ireland
10. Italy
11. Mexico
12. Singapore
13. Spain

14. South Africa
15. Switzerland
16. United Kingdom
17. United States

Meanwhile, here are the countries being monitored in Google, Yahoo and Bing which are supported in KeywordSpy Tracking:

1. Google Argentina

2. Bing Australia

3. Google Australia (AU)

4. Yahoo Australia (AU)

5. Google Austria (AT)

6. Google Belgium (BE)

7. Yahoo Brazil (BR)

8. Google Brazil (BR)

9. Google Bulgaria (BU)

10. Bing Canada (CA)

11. Google Canada (CA)

12. Yahoo Canada (CA)

13. Google Chile (CL)

14. Google China (CN)

15. Google Denmark (DK

16. Google Finland (FI)

17. Google France (FR)

18. Yahoo France (FR)

19. Google Germany (DE)

20. Yahoo Germany (DE)

21. Google Greece (GR)

22. Google Hungary (HU)

23. Google India (IN)

24. Google Ireland (IE)

25. Google Italy (IT)

26. Yahoo Italy (IT)

27. Google Japan (JP)

28. Google Mexico (MX)

29. Google Netherlands (NL)

30. Google New Zealand (NZ)

31. Google Norway (NO)

32. Google Philippines (PH)

33. Google Poland (PL)

34. Google Portugal (PT)

35. Google Romania (RO)

36. Google Russia (RU)

37. Google Singapore (SG)

38. Yahoo Singapore (SG)

39. Google South Africa (ZA)

40. Google Spain (ES)

41. Google Sweden (SE)

42. Google Switzerland (CH)

43. Google Turkey (TR)

44. Bing United Kingdom (UK)

45. Google United Kingdom (UK)

46. Yahoo United Kingdom (UK)

47. Bing USA

48. Google USA

49. Yahoo USA

I believe no other keyword research tool supports more countries than KeywordSpy! It's really a worldwide domination, it can even track ad copies in different languages other than English, just look at this ads with Chinese characters here:

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Super Affiliate Intelligence Tool

I don't know about you, but I'm always a great fan of studying other affiliates' strategies in order to help me identify better strategies for myself. So I'm just delighted to see the Affiliate Intelligence Tool of KeywordSpy when it was first launched in the market early quarter of last year.

First, you will see a list of the Top Affiliate Networks based on number of products being promoted via PPC in a form of a blue-shaded scattered graph, and the Top Affiliate Networks based on number of PPC ads in a form of visually enticing pie graph.

After that, if you will scroll more on a page the list of networks will be presented as well as their total number of products and PPC ads. Of course on the screen shot below, I can only show you 10 networks, but to actual Keyword Spy page, they actually support over 300 networks!

Furthermore, if you will click on the numbers of total products and ads, you can actually see all those products and ads.

Then, if you click on the name of the affiliate network, you can even see its Global Coverage map to see which part of the globe the products of a certain affiliate network are actively promoted:

So this thing is really an ultimate resource for affiliates like me. KeywordSpy neatly presents all the major affiliate network data in one platform. I regularly check this to monitor different affiliate products and ads.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Real KeywordSpy Discount Code For January 2011


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