Tuesday, April 13, 2010

KeywordSpy Launched New Organic Data for UK, Canada and Australia

KeywordSpy have launched country-targeted Organic data for United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. This is big news. KeywordSpy provides invaluable information about your competitor’s websites allowing you to beat them in the search engines.

KeywordSpy Sample Organic Report for UK Domain
The following report allows you to see a list of organic keywords for a site. The Organic Keywords then are being presented with the following values:

Cost per Click (CPC)
Traffic %
Value %
Competing Ads
Search Results

uses your competitor sites' organic data to continuously suggest effective SEO keywords, so you'll know which terms are most important to focus on once you decide to structure your site content hierarchy.

KeywordSpy Sample Organic Report for Australian Domain

Empower yourself to take charge of your Search Engine Optimization with the new KeywordSpy SEO data.

To access the new Organic data. Simply enter a site or domain name in the KeywordSpy search bar and click the "Organic Keywords" tab.

You may also refer to the following KeywordSpy sites for UK, Canada and Australia:

KeywordSpy UK - http://www.keywordspy.co.uk/
KeywordSpy Canada - http://www.keywordspy.ca
KeywordSpy Australia - http://www.keywordspy.com.au/

KeywordSpy Sample Organic Report for Canadian Domain

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