Wednesday, April 28, 2010

KeywordSpy Launches New Packages: Agency and Enterprise takes pricing to a different level by launching two new corporate-targeted packages called KeywordSpy Agency and Enterprise. Both packages have features of their own to showcase.

The KeywordSpy Agency is like a robust version of KeywordSpy Professional, wherein it provides bigger number of data exports and multiple log-ins in one account. I assume this will be composed of various user names or addresses that can log-in at the same time in Keyword Spy platform and will be associated in just one sign-up account.

Aside from the fact that the Agency package is a top-up version of the KeywordSpy Professional, other descriptions given by KeywordSpy for the Agency package are as follows:

*450,000 exports per day

*30,000 search queries per day

*3000 keywords that can be stored and monitored in Tracking Module

*Research in over 30 countries

*high priority customer service

The introductory price for the KeywordSpy Agency package is $995.00/mo. I know, it's quite steep for regular individual marketers, so I guess it will really cater to big companies and agencies requiring multiple access to KeywordSpy reports and who are needing expanded data extraction quota.

On the other corner, KeywordSpy Enterprise is like the "custom package" of KeywordSpy, so it will be more on commanding KeywordSpy what search advertising data you want and they will try to deliver it to you. According them, tell them what you need and they will contact you via phone or e-mail to discuss if what you want is feasible, as well as the development schedule and ETA for the custom applications.

I had a live chat with KeywordSpy sales reps and they gave me a link to their Enterprise enquiry form asking me to put into paper my requirements to their tailor-made package. (Of course, I cannot afford yet this Enterprise thing, which pricing starts at $6000.00 per month! So I also have to get feedback from other companies who will avail the KeywordSpy Enterprise).
But what got me excited is the availability of the KeywordSpy API in their Enterprise package! I'm sure it will be nice to incorporate KeywordSpy reports in any pre-existing database.

But in my own opinion, some of KeywordSpy's lower price points may already provide good value depending on what you might use them for:

Research package - 89.95/mo (use for keyword research and competitor spying)

Tracking package - 89.95/mo (use for keyword monitoring and performance tracking)

Professional package - 139.95/mo (combination of Research and Tracking package)

There is this another new package called KeywordSpy "Custom Reports" but I guess I will do the review on that one in another post, since I'm not yet through on my research on these new packages. I will keep you posted once I finalize all my reviews and research on KeywordSpy, so stay tuned!

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