Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bulk Upload PPC Campaigns using KeywordSpy

Do you want to export data from KeywordSpy, then directly upload into Adwords Editor software? or to Yahoo Search Marketing? or to even Microsoft AdCenter Desktop? in five minutes or less?

Now it’s possible, thanks to KeywordSpy, they now have this sort of Campaign Automator which will let you: Export >>> Import >>> and then, you’re DONE!


I’m really waiting for this kind of tool so no need for me to manually do the typing of keywords and ads in my Adwords account.

I’ve tested it, and my technique is to actually filter first the ads and keywords that you want from KeywordSpy, I usually choose ads with high ROI value, then after that export in the format of Adwords Editor, Yahoo Search Marketing or Bing AdCenter Desktop.

Here’s how the export looks like:


First you have to choose the format you want. On my end, I’m just into Adwords Editor, so that’s the most important to me.


Then the format is ready to be copy-pasted into Adwords Editor software.


So yeah, love this tool! Better than the campaign builder tools that I have used before. This is exactly what I wanted. My problem before is that the keyword tools I used just have small data sets and the campaign builder software that I purchased was not directly built-in to my keyword tool. At least for KeywordSpy, it’s not just about getting tons of competitive data, but it looks to me like everything is integrated, I have my POWERFUL KEYWORD TOOL + HANDY CAMPAIGN BUILDER in one platform!

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