Monday, June 7, 2010

KeywordSpy Launches Corporate-Oriented Packages: Agency & Enterprise

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Offering an impressive collection of keyword research and competitor monitoring tools, search advertising intelligence magnate KeywordSpy (, has taken its service to a different level by launching new corporate-targeted packages – providing robust access to the KeywordSpy platform, API solution, multiple-user access and customizable reports.

KeywordSpy’s new packages called KeywordSpy Agency, KeywordSpy Enterprise and KeywordSpy Custom Reports allow online marketers and corporations to request for tailor-made search advertising applications, to easily merge KeywordSpy reports into any pre-existing database or website.

The KeywordSpy Agency package paves the way for companies and advertisers to have powerful data extraction facility in gathering advanced reports from KeywordSpy, plus the ability to access KeywordSpy via multiple-user logins, ideal for any company requiring extensive keyword mining and competitor research.

The KeywordSpy Enterprise on the other corner, currently being showcased as the “custom package” of KeywordSpy, gives chance to interested agencies and corporations to request and identify their custom-based application needs, which the KeywordSpy Development staff will in turn effectively define and build to ensure customization success.

The Enterprise package also includes the access to the most awaited KeywordSpy API, which grants webmasters the knack to programmatically embed KeywordSpy reports to their own site applications.

Other descriptions provided by KeywordSpy for the Enterprise package are as follows:

*30,000,000 data exports per month

*utilization of the KeywordSpy API

*daily database updates

* multiple-user access

*customization for selected countries and markets

*2,000,000 search queries per month

*expanded long-tail keyword scanning

*access to advanced charts and graphs

*Ad Budget Intelligence for all domains

*historical ad archive

*Affiliate Intelligence and Reports

*monitoring of up to 20,000 keywords in the KeywordSpy Tracking platform

*covering of the search advertising data in Google, Yahoo and Bing

KeywordSpy also bundled its Top List Reports of Best Sites and Keywords in PPC and SEO through a package called “Custom Reports,” allowing companies to get access to the following data:

*Lists of Top AdWords Advertisers

*Top Sites Based on Number of Keywords

*PPC Advertisers with the Most Budget Change

*PPC Sites with the Largest Change in Number of Keywords

*Top SEO Sites Based on Number of Keywords

*Top Organic Sites with the Largest Change in Number of Keywords

*Keywords with the Highest Cost Per Click

*Keywords with the Highest Cost Per Day

*Keywords with the Most Clicks Per Day

*Keywords with the Largest Cost per Click Change

*Keywords with the Largest Cost per Day Change

*Keywords with the Largest Clicks per Day Change

The original KeywordSpy packages may already provide good value depending on what you might use them for.

KeywordSpy Research – used for keyword research and competitor spying

KeywordSpy Tracking – used for keyword monitoring and performance tracking

KeywordSpy Professional – combination of Research and Tracking packages

But with the availability of the most powerful packages of KeywordSpy, with top-of-the-line features and an unprecedented collection of access and reports, KeywordSpy just offered the global search advertising community with state-of-the-art online tools which cannot be found just anywhere else.

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