Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Suspended AdWords Account? Tested Remedies to Bypass AdWords Ban

Google unmercifully ban advertisers who do not obey their Terms and Conditions. If you are searching on the search engines to find solutions for your banned accounts, you are lucky to have found this post which will give enlightenment on how you can create active AdWords accounts without getting banned.

There are thousands of e-books and online tutorials giving the promise to let you out of Google AdWords ban, but in the end you will just be wasting precious effort and money as you will not find the exact solution to your AdWords ban problem.

Google does not think twice in suspending affiliates and biz ops who are using AdWords to promote businesses and products. How do I know this? Experience in Affiliate Marketing and SEO field. I have dealt with various clients complaining that they were affected with AdWords Account Suspension. What's strange was that I have innocent clients who are also legitimate business owners who have been affected in the suspension spree. Another bad thing is that godly Google would not lift the suspension ever from advertisers who were doomed to receive such penalty.

But if you are still a Google fan like me, who's still very eager to get back to Google AdWords, just keep on reading till the end of this post, as you're about to learn how the AdWords Account Suspension can be bypassed.

Google Will Never Ever Tell You Why They Banned An AdWords Account

Smarty Google is aware that you would do anything to sneak out of their suspension measures. Are you familiar with the following mails they sent when you try to know the reason for your account suspension

“I have reconsulted the specialist team about your account suspension, and have confirmed that our team’s decision is correct and final. Your ads will no longer run on Google. This policy will apply to all accounts you have created. As noted in our Terms and Conditions, Google reserves the right to terminate advertisements for any reason. To view our Terms and Conditions, please visit https://adwords.google.com/select/tsandcsfinder.

Our support team is unable to provide any further information. Please do not contact us again. For questions about other Google products, please visit http://www.google.com/support. We appreciate your cooperation.


The Google AdWords Team”

Of course, Google is too smart to be deceived that if they tell you the reason why they banned you, you will always devise methods to combat whatever mistake you did before and Google plays clever by replying sweet innocent emails.

What's the Reason Google Suspended Your Account?

It's your AdWords activities which is responsible your account got banned. If you had more than two AdWords accounts and you were bidding on the same keyword, YOU ARE IN FOR LIFE. Google will make sure that you wouldn't be able to promote sites on AdWords again using the same credit card, personal name, EVER AGAIN.

Suspended? What now?

Your advertising world can still happily revolve. Google AdWords Team wouldn't care if you go trying other means to promote products and sites. Don't be surprise to read in Google AdWords forums where the AdWords Employees themselves give recommendations that you promote sites on Bing and Yahoo and forget Google. Here's an example that I have read which originally posted by an AdWords Staff:

"Our two major competitors are Yahoo! Search Marketing, and MSN adCenter – each of which offers a CPC advertising program. Many members of this forum have had positive things to say about them."

Fine. So Now is the Time for You to Think About this AdWords Suspension Scenario

  • You created an AdWords account.
  • Your address matches the address of another Google advertiser.
  • Your Mac Address and computer IP is same as the other advertiser who was previously suspended in AdWords.
  • Your ads, keywords and price bids are undeniably the same as the suspended AdWords account holder
Please accept the reality that Google has the smartest earthlings on the Web. They know how to relate the pieces of information with their unmatched technological crawlers.

So yes. You have to keep in mind the following tips and tricks to bypass AdWords suspension.

  • Flash your browser cookies each time before switching between different accounts. If you are using Firefox you can use an add-on called "Better Privacy"
  • Use a Proxy or a DSL service which can provide you dynamic IPs. If you have a wireless dongle or mobile broadband connection, you have to use it. Be sure to disconnect/connect your wireless connection whenever you have to switch between different accounts.
  • Use a VCC (Virtual Credit Card) to fund your account. Entropay works for non-US residents and there are lot others. Make sure that the VCCs are not from the banned list of Adwords.
  • Make sure that you don't have the same information as the previously banned account such as billing address, contact name, company address, etc.
  • Avoid using Google products for your account creation such as Chrome, Gmail, Google Desktop, etc. For browser, I always go for Firefox and create account mails in AOL, Hotmail and Mail.com.
  • The best solution is to use you own Virtual Machine to create and access AdWords accounts. On my end, I'm using a software called VMWare in which I install a new Virtual Machine instance per account.
  • Use a different Mac address if you suspect that Google was able to catch the Mac address of your PC. This is specially true if you have followed all the above measures and still got suspended by AdWords. So don't forget this precaution from day one.
So yes, I really hope the above suggestions works for you as they worked well for my clients. :-)


Tom B. Tang said...

Thanks for your post. My question is if using Virtual Machine can change IP address and how to use a different Mac address?



Tom said...

Hi, what VM can exactly to do with this case? and how to use a different MAC address?



SEOness is Next to Godliness said...

Hi Tom,

You can use the following link to generate new Mac Address:


SEOness is Next to Godliness said...

Hello again Tom, a new Virtual Machine (VM) will give an impression to Google that you are using an entirely different computer/machine when you sign-up for a new account, provided that you also use dynamic IPs, new Mac address, computer name and newly installed browser when signing-up or accessing an AdWords account.

Anonymous said...

Hi do I have to change my website domain as well??


Liezl Zey Gutierrez said...

Hi Nimski,

Yep, it is recommended to change your site domain. Also, the sets of keywords and ad copies should not have a resemblance or lots of similarities with the ones you used with the previously suspended account/s.

Adding more keywords to your original list and tweaking some your ad copies is the way to go.