Tuesday, May 15, 2012

MyTampines.sg – Your Community Portal to Tampines Town in Singapore

If you are a resident from the town of Tampines who wants to be updated on the latest and what’s happening on your community, then, time for you to discover MyTampines.sg.

MyTampines is a one-stop digital neighbourhood site for Tampines residents, for them to connect with fellow residents and find interesting news, events and places within the area.

The site features the following information which can be very useful to anyone interested in knowing the in and outs of the Tampines community:

*Tampines Directory Search – find all the business establishments and addresses located in Tampines, from the newly-opened restaurants to tuition centres of students.

*Connecting to Fellow Tampines Residents - feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on the recent developments in your area.

*Must Tries – do recommendations on your newly-found eateries or stores.

*News and Events – be the first to know the most exciting events and broadcasts.

*Good Deals – save money by learning all on-going promotions and discounts given by various businesses and establishments in Tampines.

*Interact with the MPs – get to know how your leaders work to improve your community and read on their social media profiles in Facebook

*HDB Housing – get information on available HDB pricing for all commercial and residential properties in Tampines

MyTampines is a well-recommended site by my friends who are from that area. Although, I stayed in Sengkang, I found MyTampines.sg as a very valuable site to explore.

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