Friday, June 15, 2012

Google AdWords Keyword Auction Insights

If you’re SpyFu or KeywordSpy, this might be a bad day, as Google’s basically doing what you’ve been doing all along, with its Keyword Auction Insights which accurately shows AdWords competitors of AdWords advertisers.

Instead of using the Ad Preview and Diagnostic Tool or running a quick test query, Google AdWords now lets you see whom your keywords are competing with. 

Select one and only one keyword at a time and view the report by dropping down the Keyword details menu. Auction Insights is right there.

You can see on a keyword level the below five statistics:
  • Average position
  • Impression share
  • Overlap rate (how often you and the competition impress simultaneously)
  • Position above rate (this tells you how often your competition appeared above your ad in the results)
  • Top of page rate (how often the ad was above the organic results and not to the side. It is the percentage of times that it appeared in top position out of all the times that it appeared, so this can be a high number even if your impression share is <10%)

You can only download the report one keyword at a time as of this writing. So, just like with keyword diagnostics, we’ll all be wishing for a way to download this info in bulk and I'm sure mighty Google is certainly working on it.

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