Monday, April 7, 2014

d-Bodhi & IFFS: a beautiful partnership

The IFFS Team seized the opportunity to chat up with Mr Raymond Davids, Founder & CEO of d-Bodhi and here’s what he shared.

How many editions has d-Bodhi participated in  IFFS/AFS?
Our inaugural participation in the IFFS was in 2008.  2014 marks our 7thanniversary with the IFFS.

What are you launching at IFFS/AFS 2014?
We are featuring 3 new collections called Fusion, Soul and Tango. There will also be a collection called  M&M (magazine to magazine) comprising of home décor accessories.

What is new and unique about your exhibits?
Every year we aim to transcend boundaries, and this year is a new step up in both design and brand direction, as our 2014 collections explore new materials and incorporate a wider palette of design inspirations.

You have very interesting themes every year. What is the theme for 2014 and the inspiration behind it?

This year’s theme for d-Bodhi is ‘Awake’.  In 2014, we have taken our commitment to the environment a step further.  Like the delicious aroma of coffee that awakens our senses every morning, we will  leverage on our innovative yet sustainable furniture to awaken our customers to the need to transcend inertia and take immediate, practical action to protect the environment.

The Davids Family of d-Bodhi, together with Mr. Jerry Tan and Ernie Koh of IFFS
during the IFFS 2014 Exhibitors and Buyers Night at Universal Studios Singapore
Every year we aim to transcend boundaries, and this year is a new step up in both design and  brand direction, as our 2014 collections explore new materials and incorporate a wider palette  of design inspirations 
Raymond Davids, Founder & CEO of d-Bodhi

Who are the designers behind this collection?
d-Bodhi has a talented team of experienced designers, and we also work with local artists and craftsmen.

What are your objectives at IFFS/AFS 2014?
Every year, d-Bodhi aims to be the key attraction at the IFFS, and we put an immense effort in ensuring that  the booth offers a stellar experience to our guests.

d-Bodhi was established since 2007 and its products are currently available in over 30 markets around the world. Check out their collections as they exhibit year after year at the International Furniture Fair Singapore (IFFS).

Thursday, April 3, 2014

International Furniture Fair in Singapore (IFFS) is the Best Furniture Trading Show in the East

Here are some answers on why the Asia’s longest running furniture show is a must-attend event, for visitors and exhibitors alike.

1.     What is the main focus of the fair?
DESIGN with a twist. The main focus will evolve the prolific designs amongst the ASEAN and Asia’s rising stars and known designers as they leverage International Furniture Fair Singapore as the launch pad to showcase the most innovative and latest trends to the world.

IFFS is renowned for its high level of international presence and serves as a strategic conduit for Asian players to venture globally and also for international players to tap into the booming market in Asia. 

2.     Who are the exhibitors and visitors?
Exhibitors are mainly furniture & furnishing manufacturers, importers/exporters, distributors, wholesalers that showcase strong Asian identity, as well as international diversity with an appeal of displays of more than 120,000 pieces of fine furniture and furnishing products at the show. 

As for visitors, they include the top international buyers who were invited under the VIP Buyers Programme from all over the world each year.  Besides, visitors profile also cover buying agents, buying groups, department stores, franchisees, trade associations, mail order companies and  specialty stores. 

3.     Which part are the exhibitors and visitors from Europe?

For exhibitors, they hail from Belgium, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Turkey & United Kingdom.  As for visitors, they include countries like Austria, Belgium, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Lebanon, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, UAE & many more.

IFFS offers the distinctive platform for both exhibitors and buyers alike i.e. buyers and exhibitors from different countries and regions converge and negotiate business via this exclusive platform, to exchange the latest market intelligence and establish new business contacts. 

As Asia has fast becoming a booming market in the world, these exhibitors and visitors leverage on this gateway to create new markets in Asia to expand their reach to the potential markets and introduce new creativities and innovations from the West to the East and vice versa.  European designs always has a fascinating factor and intrigue visitors with their culture influence and IFFS  welcomes a good crowd from France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Netherlands as well as Italy. The platform at IFFS provides a good hybrid of exhibitors and visitors to enrich the experience at the exhibition.

4.     In this time of the year they are many furniture fairs on East, what is IFFS’ advantage?
With over 30 years of experience and accolades under its belt, IFFS remains one of the world's distinctive platforms for the latest trends and cutting-edge designs in the furniture fraternity. The world congregates at IFFS where there’s the largest participation from any of the ASEAN countries outside of their respective show grounds which includes a big pavilion from Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and of course Singapore, not to forget a good number from Myanmar this time around. The trilogy of show further establishes itself as a leader in the market place to offer a comprehensive suite of product offerings from residential, commercial to hospitality industries.  
Besides, the world-class exhibition of IFFS is held in a safe, convenient and accessible destination - Singapore with easy and convenient access to facilities and amenities. To complete the exhibitors and visitors’ experience, Singapore is a city with distinctive blend of tourism offerings, from vibrant nightlife to ethnic cultures and culinary delights. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Random Answers to the Question: “Who Do You Love More, Mom or Dad?”

1.    My Dad, with him it’s always "comedy". 
With my mom, it’s always "drama".

2.    The answer goes to the highest bidder.

3.    The topic made me call my mom, so I guess I love her more. 
My dad is a stone.

4.    My dad, because he loves me, period. 
My mom only loves me when I bring home awards and medals.

5.    I guess my mom, because my dad’s dead already.

6.    I guess my dad, because I tend to hate him more when we argue.

7.    My dad, because he lets me borrow his FHM collection.

8.    My dad makes me feel secure. 
My mom makes me feel inadequate.

9.    My mom works abroad, my dad is her househusband. 
He rules like a general, but my mom is Commander-In-Chief.

10.  I love my stepmom more than my biological dad. 
My dad cheated on his wife and had me, but my stepmom treated me like her own child.

11.  My dad knows me as a man. 
But my mom accepts me as a gay man.

12.  My mom because she taught me how to cook. 
That’s how I won over my girlfriend’s monster mom.

13.  My mom hears me, but my dad listens to me.

14.  Neither. Both abandoned us 
and until now, at age 38, I feel bitter about it.

15.  When I’m with my dad, I answer DAD. 
When I’m with my mom, I answer MOM.

16.  When I was in labor, I wasn’t asking for my husband, I wasn’t asking for my dad,
 I was asking for my MOM.

17.  My mom. My dad is an overgrown man-child.

18.  I have no idea who or where my dad is. 
I prefer to think my mom self-pollinated to bear me.

19.  Whoever gives me my allowance for the day.

20.  I love my mommy more cause she has powers. 
She knows dream interpretation, palmistry, card reading,
 & my personal weather consultant.

21.  My mom. She taught me the difference between tolerance and understanding.

22.  My mom. My dad was not a bad father, 
but he wasn’t a good one either.

23.  My mom always defended me whenever me and my dad would argue.

24.  My mom. She never raised her voice whenever she argues with my dad. 
She just cleans the toilet using dad’s toothbrush.

25.  My mom, because like her, I wanna be a housewife when I grow up.

Friend vs. Best Friend

1.    A friend is someone you call to confide that you just killed someone. 
A best friend is someone who’ll show up at your door with a shovel.

2.    A friend will rush to your aid if you fall flat on your face. 
A best friend will laugh and yell, “Stupid!”

3.    A friend returns a favor. 
A best friend doesn't because there are no favors between best friends.

4.    A friend will listen to what you’re saying. 
A best friend will listen to what you’re NOT saying.

5.    A friend will comfort you if you’re crying over a boy. 
A best friend will tell you you’re an idiot and to snap out of it.

6.    A friend will tell you that what you’re doing is wrong. 
A best friend will join you.

7.    A friend will bail you out when you’re in jail. 
A best friend won’t because he’s in jail with you.

8.    A friend will hide me from the cops. 
A best friend is probably the reason they’re after me in the first place.

9.    Upon seeing your mom in your house, a friend will say “Good evening, Auntie!”
 while a best friend will say, “Mom, what’s up for dinner?”

10.  A friend will say, “I love you, but you’re stupid” 
while a best friend will say, “You’re stupid, but I love you”.

11.  A friend will know when you’re sad.
 A best friend will know what’s making you sad.

12.  A friend will buy you a smart phone for your birthday, 
but your best friend will be the one who will borrow it and you’d let him.

13.  A friend will expect an invitation to your party. 
A best friend will crash the party whether he’s invited or not.

14.  A friend will kill for you. 
A best friend will die for you.

15.  A friend can become your enemy. 
A best friend can become your worst enemy.

16.  A friend will steal your girlfriend.
 A best friend can steal your wife.

17.  A friend will flirt with your boyfriend. 
A best friend will have a one-night-stand with him.

18.  When it rains, a friend will share an umbrella with you. 
A best friend will say: “Run, Bitch!”

19.  A friend will call you: “Friend!” 
A best friend will call you: “Hey, crazy!”

20.  A friend will tell you if you’re in a bad romance. 
A best friend will drag you by the hair out of it.

21.  A friend will talk the talk. 
A best friend will walk the walk.

22.  A friend will just laugh if you fart. 
A best friend will try to fart louder.

23.  A friend will make sure to attend your party. 
A best friend will stay behind after everyone leaves to help you clean up.

24.  A friend will try to become your best friend. 
But your best friend will never let that happen.

Your Real Relationship Status that Social Media Won’t Tell Your Peers

Tell me, which one are you?

1.     “I’m married, but for the wrong reasons, 
which turned out to be the right reasons in the long run.”

2.     “I’m married, but having difficulty acting it.”

3.     “I’m married, but only in the morning. At night, it’s a totally different ballgame.”

4.     “I’m married, but my husband’s family doesn’t know it yet. 
We’re still figuring out how to tell them.”

5.     “I’m single, but violated many times.”

6.     “I’m married, but still looking back.”

7.     “I’m single, but he’s married.”

8.     “I’m separated, but much happier than when I was in that complicated relationship.”

9.    “I’m engaged, but not for long, after I just uncovered his infidelities.”

10.   “I’m single, but hopelessly in love with a jerk.”

11.   “I’m happily taken, but with NO PLANS of getting married.”

12.   “I’m taken, but that’s negotiable.”

13.   “I’m taken, but secretly fooling around…”

14.   “I”m single, but never alone.”

15.   “I’m single, but unavailable, 
because I’m waiting for someone who quite possibly won’t ever comeback to me.”

16.   “I’m single, but expecting a baby, with no commitments and no expectations.”

17.   “I’m married, but that’s arbitrary.”

18.   “I’m married by law, but single in bed.”

19.   “I’m single, but during reunions I’m taken.”

20.   “I’m single and straight, but secretly taken and gay.”

21.   “I’m single, but a willing boytoy of a married cougar.”

22.   “I’m married, but my husband is in love with another man, 
and he doesn't know that I know.”

23.   “I’m single, but only to those who don’t know I’m gay
 and very much taken by my boyfriend.”

24.  Mr. “I’m single, but flirting and thriving.”

25.   “I’m single, but in countless dreams, I am soooo married.”

26.   “I’m married, but you’re still sending feelers.”

27.   “I’m single, never been touched, never been kissed, but totally damaged!”

28.   “I’m married, but willing to be blown…away.”

29.   “I’m married, but in love with someone who’s single, and intends to stay that way.”

30.   “I’m single, but married to my career.!”

31.   “I’m single, but you don’t seem to care.”

32.   “I’m single, but I choose to be, unlike you, who have no choice.”

33.   “I’m taken, but available for appointments.”

34.   “I’m married, but VERY open-minded.”