Wednesday, April 2, 2014

d-Bodhi Sweeps Best Stand Award at IFFS 2014 for Commitment to Protect Environment

Singapore eco-furniture pioneer d-Bodhi has won the highest accolade - the "Best Stand Award" - at the International Furniture Fair Singapore (IFFS) 2014. Raymond Davids, Founder of d-Bodhi says the award is a "recognition of d-Bodhi's commitment to creating a unique and meaningful experience for visitors."

Mr Davids says, "We are honoured to be recognised by our peers in this category. Since our inception in 2007, d-Bodhi has evolved from an eco-furniture retailer into a passionate environmental advocate. We wanted to create a unique and meaningful experience with our booth so that every visitor would be awakened to the threat of climate change, and take immediate action to reduce their carbon footprint."

This year, d-Bodhi has taken a quantum leap in its commitment to the environment by pledging to plant 50,000 trees by the end of 2014. As part of the company's new "Awake" campaign, one tree will be planted for every furniture sold.

Mr Raymond Davids says, "Over the years we have been conscious of our carbon footprint and have been crafting furniture from low impact raw materials such as recycled wood, metal and textiles. As the threat of global warming continues to escalate, we felt the need to 'lead by example' by committing to planting 50,000 trees."

d-Bodhi will collaborate with Indonesia-based Trees4Trees ( to plant the trees. Using Permanent Test Plots established as part of the Trees4Trees' monitoring program, carbon capture is calculated along with the life cycle of the trees planted. Trees4Trees has been monitoring the planted trees since the beginning of the program but calculating carbon sequestration is a new facet of the monitoring and analysis being done.

Mr Davids says, "d-Bodhi wants to go further than just using low impact raw materials. We want to reduce our overall impact on the environment. This led to the idea of planting trees to capture the CO2 released by our production, office and transportation activities. The natural thing to do was partner with an organisation that is already planting trees, which is how we came to join the Trees4Trees program."

Each furniture from d-Bodhi's new 'Soul', 'Tango' and 'Fusion'* collections will carry a tag describing the "Awake" campaign, its objectives and the target of 50,000 trees by end 2014. Mr Davids says, "Like the delicious aroma of coffee that awakens our senses every morning, we will leverage on our innovative yet sustainable furniture to awaken our customers to the need to transcend inertia and take immediate, practical action to protect the environment. Coffee stains, like waste wood, leave an indelible mark, an imprint to remind us that time is passing us by, and there is an urgent need to take immediate action."

* The 'Fusion' collection won the Best Exhibit Award (Living Room Furniture category) at the IFFS 2014.

 About d-Bodhi
Founded in 2007 by Raymond Davids, d-Bodhi embodies the ecological story of new life breathed into old wood. Over the years, our aesthetically functional reclaimed wood furniture have graced households, offices and establishments in 30 countries.

In 2012, guided by a consciousness of the impact of our actions on the environment, they launched the Footprint program to create environmental awareness among customers. They introduced recycled shipping pallets, boat wood, iron and teak combinations into their material and design production. In 2014, they have taken their commitment to the environment a step further with the "Awake" corporate identity and social responsibility campaign. As part of the campaign, they will plant a tree for every furniture sold. The aim is to plant 50,000 trees by the end of 2014.

Be part of the d-Bodhi story. Be part of the change you want to see in the world.

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