Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Horror Moments

1.    The elevator stops at a floor you didn’t press, and each time it’s about to close, it opens, as if someone from the outside is pressing it.

2.    If you knock on the door, then someone knocks back, but once you open the door, no one’s inside.

3.    You’re taking a shower, then you feel something hitting your forehead. You look up, and you see a man hanging from the ceiling looking at you.

4.    Looking in the mirror and seeing another face on your shoulders.

5.    The elevator stops at every floor, and as the elevator opens on each floor, the same guy is standing there.

6.    You’re sitting on the toilet bowl, and when you look towards the shower, you see feet peeking from under the shower curtains.

7.    You’ve been wondering why you’ve been having back pains all week. Then one day, you pass by a mirror and you see a dark creature piggy-backing on you.

8.    We were in our biology lab when we heard a small voice crying for help. We were looking and looking, until we realized it was coming from the large jar of formalin with a fetus inside.

9.    A family locked up their house because everyone was going out of town. As they drove away, they looked back, and saw the silhouette of a woman waving them goodbye.

10.  You hear from the baby monitor that your baby is crying from the other room, until you realize that you are already carrying your baby.

11.  You’re driving late at night, and you look at your side mirror, and you see someone staring back at you.

12.  Entering an elevator alone but once the door closes, you see a reflection of another person standing beside you.

13.  Waking up at 3am, getting out of bed, then looking back at your body, still in bed, as a dark figure hovers over it.

14.  Driving alone on an empty road. A girl suddenly crosses the road out of nowhere and you hit her. You hit the brakes and you look behind you in panic and she’s now sitting in the back seat looking straight at you, smiling menacingly.

15.  You’re alone in a chapel, praying intently, when suddenly you hear a voice whisper in your ear: “He’s not listening to you…”

16.  You turn on the TV and it’s all static. You think you hear voices, but it’s so faint that you couldn’t quite make out what it was saying. You come closer, and you realize the voice was saying: “I’m coming for you…”

17.  You get barraged with tweets from an unknown username, and when you click on it, it says: “user does not exist”.

18.  get a barrage of scary texts in the middle of the night from an unknown number, saying stuff like: “I’ll kill you while you sleep”. You decide to call the number, then you hear a cellphone ringing from under your bed.

*Credit goes to various movies and books depicting the above-mentioned moments.

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