Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Random Answers to the Question: “Who Do You Love More, Mom or Dad?”

1.    My Dad, with him it’s always "comedy". 
With my mom, it’s always "drama".

2.    The answer goes to the highest bidder.

3.    The topic made me call my mom, so I guess I love her more. 
My dad is a stone.

4.    My dad, because he loves me, period. 
My mom only loves me when I bring home awards and medals.

5.    I guess my mom, because my dad’s dead already.

6.    I guess my dad, because I tend to hate him more when we argue.

7.    My dad, because he lets me borrow his FHM collection.

8.    My dad makes me feel secure. 
My mom makes me feel inadequate.

9.    My mom works abroad, my dad is her househusband. 
He rules like a general, but my mom is Commander-In-Chief.

10.  I love my stepmom more than my biological dad. 
My dad cheated on his wife and had me, but my stepmom treated me like her own child.

11.  My dad knows me as a man. 
But my mom accepts me as a gay man.

12.  My mom because she taught me how to cook. 
That’s how I won over my girlfriend’s monster mom.

13.  My mom hears me, but my dad listens to me.

14.  Neither. Both abandoned us 
and until now, at age 38, I feel bitter about it.

15.  When I’m with my dad, I answer DAD. 
When I’m with my mom, I answer MOM.

16.  When I was in labor, I wasn’t asking for my husband, I wasn’t asking for my dad,
 I was asking for my MOM.

17.  My mom. My dad is an overgrown man-child.

18.  I have no idea who or where my dad is. 
I prefer to think my mom self-pollinated to bear me.

19.  Whoever gives me my allowance for the day.

20.  I love my mommy more cause she has powers. 
She knows dream interpretation, palmistry, card reading,
 & my personal weather consultant.

21.  My mom. She taught me the difference between tolerance and understanding.

22.  My mom. My dad was not a bad father, 
but he wasn’t a good one either.

23.  My mom always defended me whenever me and my dad would argue.

24.  My mom. She never raised her voice whenever she argues with my dad. 
She just cleans the toilet using dad’s toothbrush.

25.  My mom, because like her, I wanna be a housewife when I grow up.

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