Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Top Things You’d Say If You Woke Up As The Opposite Sex

  1.  “What was a pole, is now a hole.”

  1.  “Finally, I can pee on a wall!”

  1. “I’ll be grumpy all day and say: “I have my period.

  1.  “OMG…dream come true.”

  1. If I woke up as a girl, I’d tell my girlfriend: “I don’t wanna beat around the bush…”

  1.  “I feel fat.”

  1.  “Oh no, I’m Susan freaking Boyle!”

  1. If I woke up as a woman, I’d tell my girlfriend: “Get ready for some girl-on-girl action!”

  1. If I were a girl who woke up as a guy, I’d say: “This is NUTS!”

  1. If I woke up as a handsome man, I’d tell myself: “Now I can finally confirm my suspicions that my husband is gay.”

  1.  “Hmmm…now to find that damn G-spot!”

  1. “Let’s see what the multiple ‘O’ fuss is all about…”
  2.  “Now I can shower with hot girls without getting slapped!”

  1. I’m a gay guy. So if I wake up as a girl, I’d say: “Oh no, now my boyfriend won’t like me anymore!”
*Credit goes to The Morning Rush entries by Chico and Delamar of RX 93.1

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