Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Your Real Relationship Status that Social Media Won’t Tell Your Peers

Tell me, which one are you?

1.     “I’m married, but for the wrong reasons, 
which turned out to be the right reasons in the long run.”

2.     “I’m married, but having difficulty acting it.”

3.     “I’m married, but only in the morning. At night, it’s a totally different ballgame.”

4.     “I’m married, but my husband’s family doesn’t know it yet. 
We’re still figuring out how to tell them.”

5.     “I’m single, but violated many times.”

6.     “I’m married, but still looking back.”

7.     “I’m single, but he’s married.”

8.     “I’m separated, but much happier than when I was in that complicated relationship.”

9.    “I’m engaged, but not for long, after I just uncovered his infidelities.”

10.   “I’m single, but hopelessly in love with a jerk.”

11.   “I’m happily taken, but with NO PLANS of getting married.”

12.   “I’m taken, but that’s negotiable.”

13.   “I’m taken, but secretly fooling around…”

14.   “I”m single, but never alone.”

15.   “I’m single, but unavailable, 
because I’m waiting for someone who quite possibly won’t ever comeback to me.”

16.   “I’m single, but expecting a baby, with no commitments and no expectations.”

17.   “I’m married, but that’s arbitrary.”

18.   “I’m married by law, but single in bed.”

19.   “I’m single, but during reunions I’m taken.”

20.   “I’m single and straight, but secretly taken and gay.”

21.   “I’m single, but a willing boytoy of a married cougar.”

22.   “I’m married, but my husband is in love with another man, 
and he doesn't know that I know.”

23.   “I’m single, but only to those who don’t know I’m gay
 and very much taken by my boyfriend.”

24.  Mr. “I’m single, but flirting and thriving.”

25.   “I’m single, but in countless dreams, I am soooo married.”

26.   “I’m married, but you’re still sending feelers.”

27.   “I’m single, never been touched, never been kissed, but totally damaged!”

28.   “I’m married, but willing to be blown…away.”

29.   “I’m married, but in love with someone who’s single, and intends to stay that way.”

30.   “I’m single, but married to my career.!”

31.   “I’m single, but you don’t seem to care.”

32.   “I’m single, but I choose to be, unlike you, who have no choice.”

33.   “I’m taken, but available for appointments.”

34.   “I’m married, but VERY open-minded.”

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